Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy 30th Birthday Joe!!

Birthdays are special to me. Life can be so hectic that we sometimes forget to be thankful for each other and how they affect our lives. How would our lives be different without this person or that person. Although we may live with or see on a regular basis certain people, on their birthdays I think it is nice to spoil them just a little because God gave us that person for a reason. 30 years ago today God blessed this world with one of the most remarkable people I know, my husband, Joe. I can honestly say that even at this young age I have known him and loved him for more than over half of his life. I have seen him grow and change and become the man he is today. Like all of us, he still has more growing to do, but I am so proud of the man that he is. The Bible tells us in Proverbs that a Godly man is kind, compassionate, hard-working, has a gentle tongue, is generous, and is forgiving. Joe embodies all of these qualities. It lists others that he is still working on, but like I said, we are all still working on becoming the people God has designed us to be. Joe is a very good father and is hands-on when it comes to all three of our children. He has been involved since the moment each one entered this world, and rightly so. God blessed both of us with these amazing blessings, not just Joe, and not just me, but Joe and I together. Joe is a family man and does his best to provide for us. He helps anyone he can however he can. He has changed tires for strangers on the side of the road, he has counseled younger men that he has worked with, he has been a Sunday School teacher, served three years as an elder at our church, and the accolades could go on and on. Joe is instilling in his children the want and need to have a relationship with Christ by not only talking the talk but by trying to walk the walk. He tells him he loves them, he kisses them and hugs them, he takes the girls on dates, and he takes the time to teach them all aspects of life from hunting, fishing, throwing the football, to painting your nails, sitting like a lady, and singing in church. I’ve seen a saying here recently that states, “Don’t marry a man unless you would not mind having a son just like him.” I’ve thought a lot about this saying here lately. Of course, it goes for all members of a family. My hope is that Joe and I do get it right and when all of our children are older they do look back and say I want to be the kind of dad my dad was, I want to be the kind of husband he was, I want to be the kind of mom my mom was, I want to be the kind of wife she was, and just as importantly I want to have the love that momma and daddy had for each other. I never want them to question how much we love each other, how much we love them, nor how much we love the Lord.
I look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with Joe. I look forward to continuing to watch him grow into the man God designed him to be. I look forward to watch him embody the other Godly traits that he has not quite attained yet. I look forward to continuing to be his help-mate, lifting him up, respecting him, being his biggest cheerleader. I love him more than words can express.
1 Timothy 4:12 "Let no one despise your youth, but set the believers an example in speech and conduct, in love, in faith, in purity."
Now, that I’ve said all that, I’ll post some pictures from the surprise birthday dinner we had for him at the restaurant inside Bass Pro Shop. He even had a cake with candles to blow out.

Heading to church the next morning. (Joel was already in his car seat and didn't get his picture taken.)