Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby Shower and the Girls

This was a pretty quiet week for us. The girls had Awana Wednesday night where Josie learned the Bible verses she needed to earn her book and vest. She was so excited!! Joe worked with her last night and she has learned another Bible verse and she has one more to learn before Wednesday night. Jolie is loving it to and keeps reminding us that "God is everywhere." She also now insists that she be in a big girl class at our church on Sunday mornings. She is only about a month away from being at the 3 year old requirement, so her sweet teacher, Other Mama, has been letting her come in the past two weeks. Here are some pictures from this week:

Erica has also been working with Josie with writing her name. Saturday morning she was drawing and she ran to me and said, Look Mama, I wrote my name, and sure enough she had written her name and it was legible. I was so proud of her. I have the picture on my phone, but for some reason the online system is down, and I can't get it online. So as soon as I can post the picture of where she wrote her name, I will.

Saturday I had the shower that Sheila and Crystal did for me. It was so nice and I was so excited. With not being able to get Joel's room ready, I really needed this to help me feel like we are really excited and celebrating him. I got tons of stuff and was so surprised at how many people came. It really meant so much for all of you who came or have sent presents. I promise I will get your thank you cards out. I have had some people asking what I did not get that I still need and those items would be: wash cloths, a few more boy hooded towels, monitor, bobby cover, another fitted sheet or two, baby wash, baby lotion, diaper cream, and wipes. Again, thank you so much to those of you who helped me celebrate our "dear" little one. That night after resting I was a little productive and got most of the newborn clothes washed and have set up a diaper station. Our hospital bag is packed with the exception of a few items. So now all we do is wait for him.

Here are some pictures from the shower, and again, I can't thank everyone enough:


Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Week for the Burdicks

Last week was a week of ups and downs. We finally had some interest on the house, but as usual we have not heard back anything yet. We also received a letter telling us that the company that was supposed to be putting on our new roof is going out of business. They already have our insurance check, so now we have to deal with filing complaints against them and seeing what can be done.

Wednesday night I took the girls to Awana at Mt. Hebron church. They both got to be in a class and they were both so excited. When we got home, Pap-paw asked Jolie what she had learned and she held her hands in a circle above her head and brought them down and said "God is everywhere." It was the most precious thing. Josie will be learning bible verses in her class and eventually earning a "life jacket." It is really a vest that we will put patches on, but she keeps calling it a life jacket. Kind of symbolic though, right :) They both had a blast. Josie held on to all her papers as if they were gold. They both are looking forward to going back this Wednesday.

Friday Joe had a guys night out so me and the girls had a girls night in. Before Joe left he let them have a bubble bath (he is the best husband and has been giving them baths for months now so that I don't have to bend over the tub to do it) and special foam soap. After their baths we rubbed down with special lotion, painted our finger nails all glittery, and then we painted our toes. Josie wanted alternating toes of pink and purple, so all three of us got the same pedicure :)

We then ate dinner, then had popcorn, candy, and rootbeer while we watched the only movie that I have found that they will both sit through-- Alvin and the Chipmunks. They love both the first one and the Squeakal, but all Redbox has is the Squeakal, so that is what we watched.

Saturday morning after lazing around for a little while we got dressed and headed to Montgomery on our way to Greenville. We had to go to Storkland to exchange some shoes Other Mama had bought Josie. While we were there Iused part of my birthday money to buy Joel's coming home outfit. This is not the best picture, but it has blue triming and it has boats on the front. Joe picked it out and I can't wait to see little Joel in it.

After that we continued our trek to Greenville to look at another used trailer. We were not impressed. Then we went to another dealership. Again, just considering all our options. We found one that we both absolutely love. It is a little out of our price range, so we are waiting on the other dealership to get its newest 4 bed, 3 bath trailer put together so we can see what it looks like. After that we rode around the golf course and then headed home.

Sunday we had church and after church we went to the BuckMasters Expo. Here is the girls with one of the deer we saw walking around.

After BuckMasters it started to rain so we decided to take the girls to Mall just for something different to do. Our first stop was the arcade where they both "magically" happened to win 14 tickets a piece. So they both got a tootsie roll and a plastic ring. After that we went to Build a Bear, where I used more of my birthday money to continue a family tradition. When I was prengant with Josie, Joe and I made her her first teddy bear at a Build a Bear. Then when I was pregnant with Jolie, Josie, Joe & I made Jolie her first teddy bear at a Build a Bear. So yesterday Josie, Jolie, Joe & I made Joel his first teddy bear. Well actually it is an elephant. We named him Albie.
Josie, Jolie & Albie


After Build a Bear the girls rode on the carasoul, we ate dinner and went home. The girls were both alseep by 8:00 p.m.

Wednesday I have another doctors appointment. This Thursday I will be 33 weeks. I feel huge and this heat is just overwhelming, but other than that I am doing good. Now that we have his coming home outfit the last thing we have to have is a car seat. I have a shower this Saturday so I'm looking forward to that as well as seeing how the girls' second night of Awana goes. I'll keep everyone updated.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our latest Adventures

As usual things have been busy busy around the Burdick household. On the 27th we had a Burdick family get together to celebrate the July birthdays: Sheila, Quint, Paw-Paw, and myself. We had a good time and Aunt Mona and Chase even got to come. I had a great birthday. Joe took me out to one of my favorite places to eat, Olive Garden and then he and I went out to a movie. It had been a very long time since we had done that and Other Mama was kind enough to stay at our house until past midnight just so we could enjoy ourselves. Saturday Joe had invited some friends over to celebrate again which we did with a yummy ice-cream cake. That Sunday (August 1st) we went to the Green family reunion (Joe's mother's father's side) and then we visited with family for the afternoon.

Some time during that week I got a call from my doctor saying that I had failed my gestational diabetes test that he wanted me to take the 2 hour tolerance test. (I also failed the first test with Jolie and had to do a 3 hour test which came out that I did not have gestational diabetes). On August 5th I went in to do that test. Well 10 minutes before they drew my blood for the second I got sick which meant they had to stop the test. When you throw-up your insulin goes up. I was so mad at myself. My doctor was out of town so they told me I would have to wait until Monday to see what he wanted to do.

The 5th and 6th the girls spent the day with Aunt Sheila, Uncle Quint, Ansleigh & Caden. (Erica is on vacation from the 5-11). They had a blast spending time with them and from what I've been told behaved. Friday as soon as I got off work I picked up the girls and we headed straight to Greenville. We had appointments with two different realtors to look at trailers. I was against trailers to begin with and the only reason is because of bad weather. I am not sure where we would go if a hurricane came, but I had a dream one night that we bought my cousin's trailer and I didn't know if that was God telling me to look into trailers or if I was just having a crazy dream so we have started looking into them. We could definitely get a lot more room and a nice placer for the money that we will be able to afford. So we are just looking at all of our options. Joe and I were not overly wowed but what we saw and then I remembered that there are two mobile home lots in Greenville so we decided to stop by and see what we could get if we bought a new one. They had a trade in that was 5 bedroom, 3 bath that would be in a week that the guy said would definitely be worth looking into as well as a brand new option. He didn't have either one in so he just gave us print outs of the floor plan. He was a good Christian man and a foster parent and we spent probably 30 minutes just talking to him about kids and other stuff. After that we went to eat before heading home. Well, let me back up. When I go down to Greenville to look at homes I always go and pick up Joe so that we are in the same car and then we get his car later. So when I got to the golf course I gave him my keys and he drove to meet the first realtor. Okay, you are up to speed now. Well when we came out of the restaurant from eating Joe asked me if I had my keys because he knew we were about to go get his car. At this point is about 7:00 p.m. I told him no, so we search the van for the keys. Well the last time I remembered having them was at the golf course, so we go back to the golf course to see if they were at the place I last remebered having them. They were not there. The girls were begging to ride around, so we decided to ride around for a little bit on the golf course. So we rode around for about 45 minutes and then headed back to the first place we looked because Joe thought he might have placed the keys on top of the van while he changed Lol's pull-up. While we were there searching for keys in the dark with flashlights a car pulled up. It was a neighbor checking to see what was going on. He then informs us that they have had some break-ins in that area. Well, that signed the deal for me, this was not going to be our first Greenville home. After Joe finished talking to them he looked for about ten more minutes and then we headed the 20 minutes to the other place to search the ground there. Joe searched for about 10-15 minutes walking around in the dark with his flashlight. I just kept thinking to myself I don't know why he would have pulled them out unless he was starting the van. So I searched the van one last night and sure enough, I found them in the van. They had fallen inbetween the driver seat and the emergency brake lever. I just started laughing. I was so exhausted at this point and that was all I could do. By this point it was about 10:30 at night. I told Joe that there was no way I could drive home and that I thought we should just find a cheap hotel. By the time we drove home and came back the next day to get his car, we would have spent the same on gas. So I went into Wal-Mart to get toothbrushes, milk, and a few other things while Joe called around and found us the cheapest hotel. I think it was like 11:30 p.m. when we checked in. The girls had been asleep in the car for awhile now, but woke up while Joe was checking in. They got all excited to be staying in a hotel. This was their first time in a hotel. It was after midnight before we all fell asleep. The next morning we got up and ate breakfast and headed home.

We got home, changed clothes and headed out the door to Tanner's first birthday party. They had it decorated so cute and the girls had a great time watching Tanner open presents and dig into his cake. After that we picked up dinner went home, ate, bathed, and went back to bed. Sunday we had church and Joe had a session meeting while the girls and I napped. That evening we went to see if we could take advantage of the tax free weekend, but I was not too impressed with what Belks, JcPennys or KMart had. I did find some stuff and both girls were so excited. They love clothes. I only found one onsie for Joel :(

Yesterday I dropped the girls off with Aunt Mona and Chase for them to spend the day together. They had a blast. They went to "Chunkie" Cheese as Josie kept calling it and did lots of other fun stuff. They came back with all kinds of goodies and even something for Joel. They were so cute and so excited about all the fun they had.

I also had my regular checkup with my doctor yesterday. My blood pressure was good, I have only gained another pound or two, and his heartbeat was good. I had just happened not to eat before going and since I had been "fasting" my doctor decided to have me do the 2 hour test again. So after seeing him I headed downstairs to do the test. This time I made it through and will know the results in a couple of days. I keep getting comments about how big I am, but that it is all baby. Nobody believes that I still have until October. I will post a picture soon, I promise.

Well on the way to work from my doctor's appointment my air conditioner started making a weird noise and the van started running hot. I called Joe and he told me to get work as soon as I could it and let it cool down. I did as I was told and he and my dad said I should be okay to make it home that afternoon. Well, I almost made it home. The van broke down as I was stopped at a traffic light about a mile from my house. A guy going the other way was nice enough to get out and push the van into a gas station parking lot so that I would be out of the way. Joe came and got us and then my dad and Joe went back and got the van and got it working to get it home. Dad has the girls today and tomorrow so he is going to look at it today. He is being kind enough to let me borrow his truck. Needless to say I was exhausted by the time I laid down. The heat is overwhelming and I stay incredibly tired all the time. I will be 31 weeks this Thursday, so we will be meeting precious Joel in less than 10 weeks. It is so hard to believe.

This Saturday we have our small group dinner. I decided to do a golf theme and invited people to wear their tackiest shirts, pants, or both. I will decorate with sand, golf balls, green table cloths and other stuff. I'm looking forward to it. On August 28th Sheila, Crystal, and Mary-Kelley are doing a shower for me so I'm looking forward to that as well. Plans are being made for Jolie's birthday party. She told us she wanted Hello Kitty, so Hello Kitty it will be. It is so hard to believe that our baby is going to be 3 and that next year Josie will be in kindergarten. Time is flying by and I have the white hairs on my head to prove it :)

Well I think that has everyone caught up for now. Please continue to pray for us. We have had no more interest in the house and it is very hard for me, a pregnant woman, not to be decorating a baby's room, but I know there would be no point. So just pray that God's will be done whatever that may be in where we live, when we sell our house, and when we meet our precious son.