Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby Shower and the Girls

This was a pretty quiet week for us. The girls had Awana Wednesday night where Josie learned the Bible verses she needed to earn her book and vest. She was so excited!! Joe worked with her last night and she has learned another Bible verse and she has one more to learn before Wednesday night. Jolie is loving it to and keeps reminding us that "God is everywhere." She also now insists that she be in a big girl class at our church on Sunday mornings. She is only about a month away from being at the 3 year old requirement, so her sweet teacher, Other Mama, has been letting her come in the past two weeks. Here are some pictures from this week:

Erica has also been working with Josie with writing her name. Saturday morning she was drawing and she ran to me and said, Look Mama, I wrote my name, and sure enough she had written her name and it was legible. I was so proud of her. I have the picture on my phone, but for some reason the online system is down, and I can't get it online. So as soon as I can post the picture of where she wrote her name, I will.

Saturday I had the shower that Sheila and Crystal did for me. It was so nice and I was so excited. With not being able to get Joel's room ready, I really needed this to help me feel like we are really excited and celebrating him. I got tons of stuff and was so surprised at how many people came. It really meant so much for all of you who came or have sent presents. I promise I will get your thank you cards out. I have had some people asking what I did not get that I still need and those items would be: wash cloths, a few more boy hooded towels, monitor, bobby cover, another fitted sheet or two, baby wash, baby lotion, diaper cream, and wipes. Again, thank you so much to those of you who helped me celebrate our "dear" little one. That night after resting I was a little productive and got most of the newborn clothes washed and have set up a diaper station. Our hospital bag is packed with the exception of a few items. So now all we do is wait for him.

Here are some pictures from the shower, and again, I can't thank everyone enough:


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