Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weekend and Joel Update

Saturday we took the girls to their sibling preparation class at the hospital. It went really well. There were 8 other kids in the class with them and they all got to tell if they were having a brother or a sister and what the new baby's name would be. They talked about all kind of important stuff and Josie even offered up an answer or two. I was so impressed with her. After the "classroom" part we went upstairs to tour the Labor & Delivery room, recovery room and most importantly we got to see a baby. Both girls did so well and are so proud of their certificiates:

Sunday we had church and then Josie and I went to a baby shower while Jolie and Joe went home to chill. Here is a picture of Josie in Sunday School:

We got our first call about the house Friday evening. Joe and I were very encouraged by this because we had not gotten any interest the first two weeks. Nothing came of it but we got another call yesterday and they come tomorrow night. In the meantime we have other things we are trying to figure out while our lives are in limbo, like preschool for Josie, start her here or in Greenville. Pediatrian for Joel, use ours here or find one in Greenville so we don't have to transfer everything. And several other things.

I had a doctor's appointment this morning that went very well. I have gained a pound since my last appointment, so my doctor was very happy with that. My blood pressure was good. I had the diabetes test and RH shot. Joel was very active and had a great heart beat reading after drinking the glucose drink for the diabetes test. I am supposed to start going every two weeks but he he will be out in two weeks so my next appointment is August 9th.

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