Monday, November 29, 2010

Give Thanks

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. This is the first year in a very long time that I sat down and made myself think about all the things and people I am thankful for. So many people have touched my life in some way or another and because of each one of them I am the person that I am today. Now we settle into advent and Christmas. I love this time of year. It is so beautiful, romantic, and magical.

We had a lot of good visits with family this past week. My mom came down from Pennsylvania last Saturday and alternated staying with my brother and I throughout the week. Here are a few pictures she took:

Sunday, November 21st we had Joel baptized. It was a beautiful service and it meant so much to us that so much of our family was there for it.
Here is Joel being put into the Christening gown. Look at that big smile:

This year was our year to be at Grandma Green's for Thanksgiving and celebrate with Joe's family (we alternate families each year). It was in the upper 70s and so we played outside with the children most of the day. Joe, Quint, and their cousin Matthew even took them fishing.

Thursday night the elves came to decorate our house for Christmas. They even decorated the girls' room. It was so funny the next morning because Jolie got up and came straight to my room. I told her to go to the bathroom and while she was in teh bathroom Josie woke up and started yelling for Lol to come into their room. From the bathroom Lol yells back, "Why is it clean." They were so cute going throughout the house to see what all the elves had done.

Friday we had my mom, Chris, Crystal, Elias & Annaleigh over for the IronBowl. It did not turn out like we had hoped, but at least the food was good. Saturday my mom went home and Joe and Lol went and picked out our Christmas tree. We will give it a couple days to settle before we decorate it. We spent most of Sunday at church.

This Christmas is going to be a lot of fun. Josie is already starting to ask for specific things. We did go take the girls to Bass Pro Shops to see Santa while my mom was done so that she could be there for that. Both girls talked to Santa and told him what they wanted.

I'll end with some more pictures from Joel's birth that I'm just now uploading to the computer.

I love this one. It is a very "raw" moment for Joe and me. The pain I had just been through was excruciating:


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