Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thank You Lord

Thank You, Lord

For all these smallnesses, I thank you Lord:
Small children and small needs;
small meals to cook
small talk to heed,
and a small book from which to read small stories;
small hurts to heal,
small disappointments too, as real as ours;
small glories to discover in bugs, pebbles, flowers.

When day is through my mind is small,
my strength is gone;
and as I gather each dear one
I pray "Bless each for Jesus's sake-such angels sleeping, imps awake!"
What wears me out are litle things:
Angels minus shining wings.
Forgive me Lord if I have whined-
it takes so much to keep them shined;
yet each small rub has its reward, for they have blessed me.

Thank you, Lord.

---Ruth Bell Graham


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