Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Grammy and other Burdick News

It has been a quiet couple of weeks for us ever since our trip.  We have had some things going on though. 

Joe has been taking steps to move through the hiring process at Hyundai.  He has done a computer assessment, hands on assesment and a two part physical.  The physical, drug screen, and background are the last steps in this process.  We have talked about the pros and cons and even though he would be on swing shift he would actually see the children more than what he sees them now, which is super important to us. We both know it is in God's hands and are at peace with that.  If this is the job for Joe, then God will provide as he always has and everything will work out.  If this is not the job for Joe we continue on our search for the job that is right for Joe.  In the meantime he has put in his application at Bright House for a warehouse job, but has not heard from them yet. 

We had our Family Vacation Bible School the week of June 11-15.  I love that we do our Bible School at night and make it a family affair.  Even the adults have class, sing, and do crafts.  It is a great bonding experience for everyone in the church.  The adults get to play with the kids and the kids get to learn from and about different adults in the congregation.  It was a cowboy theme and the kids had a blast.  They looked forward to it every night.  Each night we would have dinner, then go up for Bible time, then the classes would split.  The adults would go do their craft, the younger group of children would either go to recreation or crafts while the older group of children did what the younger group was not doing.  Joe and I kept the nursery each night. 

After a week of VBS we didn't do much that weekend.  Saturday morning we went to Bass Pro Shops where they were having a special Fathers Day weekend.  They kids got to fish, make crafts, shoot dart guns, and watch some videos about outdoor safety.  After that we headed home because Joe had to head to Hyundai for some test and the kids and I hung out the rest of the day at home.  That Sunday was Father's Day.  We spent the day enjoying Joe and what he means to our family.  The kids made him handmade cards, and his present were two beta fish. Each girl picked out all the stuff to go inside in the bowl. They were so excited about it. They all love to go and look at the new fish. Joe loved them too.  Sunday night we had a yummy homemade dinner of steak, twice baked potatoe casserole, and baked beans with Pap-Paw and Other Mama, Ben and Tanner came a little later. 

Josie has been on two field trips with MCDP (the preschool), and Jolie has gotten to go on one.  They both went to the Prattville Y for a day of swimming and had a blast.  The pool is shallow but they still wear their floaties.  Jolie was brave enough to go down the slide and land in Ms. Jessie's arms.  Ms. Jessie bragged and bragged about how well Jolie did on her first ever summer field trip.  She got to ride the bus for the first time and they had Mexican for lunch.  Last week Josie got to to the Rosa Parks Musem and splash pad afterwards.  I was really impressed with how much she retained from the museum.  When she got home she was able to tell us the entire story.  I love how it reiterated the Sunday School lesson I had taught her and the other ones that age the week before.  We are all God's children.  He loves us all and created us all.  He took the time to "design" us all from our skin color, eye color, hair color, height, birth marks, freckles, our family, what country we would be born into, everything.  No one is any more special because we all have the same Creator, who loves us all whether we love him back or not.  How awesome is that?  All that to say I was really impressed with Josie for what she retained and for what she came away with from the museum. 

This past weekend Joe worked while the kids and I hung out at home.  They play so hard throughout the week at MCDP, the past couple of weekends they have just wanted to rest.  Sunday evening we did get outside to play.  At first I was spraying them with the hose and then we filled up the kiddie pool, but then they got into the mud.  They would sit down and cover themselves in mud.  They were having a blast.  Joel watched and stomped in the mud, but didn't partake in getting completely nasty. 

So that is what has been going on in the Burdick household.  Mainly just work/preschool, play, eat, sleep, and do it all over again. 

I do want to recongnize my mom/Grammy today.  Today is her 50th birthday.  We are 20 years apart so she turns 50 today and I turn 30 at the end of July.  We called and wished her a happy birthday this morning, but then the girls got upset when they realized they wouldn't be getting any cake for her birthday :)  Happy Birthday Grammy, we love and miss you!!
(Her birthday we celebrated during a family trip to Kentucky three years ago).

(Grammy's first time meeting Joel.)  

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