Monday, February 23, 2009

Finding the Spark

As you can see, I'm new to this. Just joined so that I can vent. I want to be able to totally be myself and express what I feel and how I feel. At the present time I don't have too much to vent even though there is a lot going on. My husband and I must have hit the seven year itch or something b/c things aren't the best between us, but we are working on it. We have lost that spark and amidst raising toddlers, working, and committments to the church I need to feel connected to him. I need our spark back! We are going away this weekend on a Christian retreat weekend with Q & S so hopefully that will help us. We will be going back to a place that S and I took our husbands on a surprise Valentine's weekend. We planned the whole trip and even packed for them without them knowing a thing. We told them we were going to dinner and actually drove for like 4 hours before reaching Helen, GA. It was a great weekend, very romantic. However, that was also before kids. Sometimes it gets hard not getting lost being more of a mother than a wife. I guess I need to find a better balance. Here lately I've been blaming it all on him, but I guess I'm to blame as well. Last night I tried. All four of us had a candlelite dinner. We drank our tea and coke out of wine glasses. My oldest daughter got a special glass that looked like Mommy and Daddy's as well. She thought she was so big.

Jess Sig


Sheila said...

Hey girl....I'm already ya!

Cassandra said...

Welcome to the bloggy world!

Nancy said...

always work to keep that spark there, Jess, for he will be there long after the girls have moved on with their lives :)