Thursday, April 9, 2009


How many of you remember your senior quote for the yearbook? Mine was without darkness there can be no dreams. I can't remember now who said it or where I found it. There is so many levels behind that quote, but it got me to thinking about my dreams. We all have what I call "real" dreams. Things that are attainable and will probably happen in your life time. Then we all have those fantasy dreams. The dreams that will probably never happen, but they sure are nice to think about and plan out. Joe and I have a dream. In our minds we have it all worked out. We would own an old antebellum house with a wraparound porch and turn it into a bed and breakfast. It would have to have many rooms with a huge kitchen and a huge dining room. We would have a game room where our visitors could play games or watch TV. The house would be located on several acres of land that included lots of game and a nice sized pond for fishing. Joe would take people on hunting and fishing excursions and I would do the cooking and hosting. I would probably hire someone to do the cleaning, laundry, and bedmaking. Every room would have a fireplace and its own bathroom. Some of the rooms would be decorated in woodsy/hunting/fishing motif and the rest would be other themes. We would close for the holidays so that all of our family could come stay with us and everyone could have their own rooms. I think about the different people we would meet and the different cultures we would learn of by doing this. We have never talked about whether this home would be located in Alabama or if we would move somewhere else to do this. It also has never been given a name, but it sure is nice to think about.

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