Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thank You God for Family

We are so blessed with such a wonderful family. I just do not know what I would do without some of them sometimes. Here is our latest experience with our awesome family. Sheila had asked if we could get together sometime this week because we had not seen each other since Mrs. Emily's birthday on March 25th. Shortly after her asking we found out that the father/grandfather of some close friends from church has passed away. I asked Sheila if they could watch the girls long enough for us to go to the visitation and then we would come straight to her house to eat and visit. Her being the wonderful aunt that she is, of course said yes. Not only, did she do that she arrived at my house at 5:30 p.m. to pick up the girls so that we wouldn't have to drive to Millbrook to turn right back around and drive back to Wetumpka. How awesome is that. Shortly after Sheila and the girls left Joe and I headed to the visitation and then headed to Quint & Sheilas. When we got there not only had my girls been fed, but they were getting baths. It just warms my heart to know that God has blessed us with such a loving and involved family for us to bring our children up with. She even finished their baths while Joe and I ate the delicious dinner she had cooked for all of us. After eating it was time for Ansleigh to have her bottle. Jolie helped me feed her. It is so cute because Caden and Josie were busy busy playing but Lol wanted to be right there with Ansleigh. She wanted to feed her and hold her which we let her do with a little help from Mommy.

After feeding Ansleigh it was time for her bath. Jolie informed us she wanted to help and even offered to get in the bathtub with her. We told her she could stand outside the tub and help. Josie even got into the action (but notice she still had the gloves on that she and Caden had been playing with):

Ansleigh all clean with Josie tickling her:

They are both going to be such great helpers when Baby J gets here. After helping give Ansleigh a bath the kids decided they needed a treat. Look at these three adorable gifts from God enjoying their fruit snacks:

Before we know it Ansleigh and Baby J will be right up there with them getting into just as much trouble. Here are some pictures of them playing before we got there:

All I can say, is thank you God for my family and especially these beautiful Burdick children :)

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