Monday, December 13, 2010

Another Christmas Weekend.

We packed some more Christmas into this weekend and I am absolutely loving it. It has just been so much fun to watch the girls. Thursday night the girls and I went and did a little Christmas shopping and then stopped by Aunt Tiffany's house to pick up some shirts I had her make for Joel. Here he is in two of them:

I just absolutely love these shirts.

Friday evening we had a quiet evening in. Well as quiet as you can have with a 4 year old, 3 year old, and 2 month old. Saturday the girls were up bright and early, of course, because it was a Saturday instead of a work/school day. We hung out around the house until it was time to head to Wetumpka for Christmas on the Coosa. For those of you who are not from the Wetumpkka area, there is a street parade, vendors, activities for the kids, and later in the evening they have a boat parade and fireworks. We got to Wetumpka in time for the street parade which the girls loved. Every time someone would yell, "Merry Christmas" Jolie would say it back to them. After the parade we walked across the bridge into downtown and looked at the vendors. We looked some but we were all starving so we started trying to decide what we were going to eat. All of the food smelled so good, but do you know what Josie asked for. Not a funnel cake, not peanuts, not cotton candy, but roasted corn on the cob. Obviously it was so good that later Joe and the girls went back for another one. After looking at the vendors the girls played in the park and then we went and found our spot on the river to watch the boat parade. Do you know how Santa made his grand entrance-- on a knee board. The girls loved the fireworks and even Joel watched him. The sound didn't affect him one bit. After the fireworks we ate some dinner and drove around to look at Christmas lights. The girls are sooo cute because when they see lights one of them will start saying "Wait for it, wait for it," until we finally reach the house and then they say "There it is." It is so cute to listen to Lollie say it though because she does not enunciate "for" and so it is sounds like "Wait fow it, Wait fow it" and it is just so darn cute!! We ended up close to Other Mama's and Pap-paws so we stopped by their house to give the girls baths before heading home.

Sunday we had church and got someone to take this family picture for us:

They had been talking about snow for a week or so and we finally had some snow flurries during and right after church, so that made Josie happy.

The kids and I went home and took naps while Joe had session. He came home to find Jolie, Josie, and me in our bed all asleep with Joel in his bassinet beside the bed, asleep as well. That evening we went back to church to see the children's play. Next year Josie will be old enough to participate and she can not wait.

Later that evening I took this picture of Joel in his "Roll Tide" bib. I love his hair:

This Friday the girls have their Christmas party at school, which I know they will love. Friday evening the City of Wetumpka has a living nativity that you walk around downtown to see the different scenes. It depends on the weather on if we will go or not.

This was a productive week for me. I finally got the last of my thank you cards out. If you did not receive one and should have, I greatly, greatly apologize. Let me know and I will send you one. Between the kids and our hospital visits during my maternity leave, things have gotten lost or unintentionally forgotten. I also got the last of Joel's pictures out to everyone. I have started working on our Christmas cards. I have also been going through clothes getting all the summer clothes out and donation clothes, and clothes to pass on to family and friends. The girls and I went through toys. Our SOS group is helping out a family for Christmas and so I gave the girls a bag a piece so we could donate some of their toys. Jolie would have given everything away, whereas Josie tended to hold to more of her toys. Nevertheless, we had 2.5 garbage bags full of toys to give away to another family who otherwise might not have had Christmas (well not just from our donation, but from everyone at SOS). Again, another great teaching moment for my girls.

Joel is doing good. Is thrush is starting to go away as is his cradle cap. He continues to be a happy boy that I could just eat up. It is hard to believe he is almost 3 months old. Time is flying by.

Well Merry Christmas until next time.


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