Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Joe

The cold weather and illnesses kept us cooped up for most of the week and weekend, but at least we got some good quality family time. Joe was off on vacation last week and thank goodness. Josie started running a high fever Monday night and Joe took her to the doctor Tuesday morning, she had strep, so she stayed home with Joe Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday night Joel and I went to my SOS meeting and enjoyed good fellowship and food with some very lovely Presbyterian women. Joe did get some deer hunting in over his vacation and even shot a doe on Thursday. Friday and part of Saturday I was sick with some type of stomach bug, but we did manage to get out to go to Caden's 4th birthday at Chuck E Cheese's on Saturday. The girls had a blast. After that we went to Wal-Mart and did not leave the house again until Monday around noon. The weather was supposed to get bad starting Saturday night and go through Monday, but the worst we got was a little sleet.

Joel started to "come alive" over the weekend. We pulled out the jumparoo that Lol had and he loved it. He bounces and talks and smiles. He really started talking and cooing this weekend. We are even finally getting a laugh out of him from time to time. Part of me is in shock at what he can do at 3.5 months old, and part of me is very sad that is already growing so fast. I think the time goes faster with each child. Here he is enjoying the jumparoo:

Here he is wearing his comfy camo pants and bib that Aunt Tiffany made him for Christmas:

Sunday night we had a hard time getting Jolie to sleep. This is how she finally feel asleep, holding her Precious Moments Bibble she got for Christmas:

Yesterday was Joe's birthday. This is his last year in his 20s. I had invited some friends over for dinner, but because of the weather we ended up eating alone. His parents did come by and where there in time to sing Happy Birthday and enjoy some cake. It was still a good quiet day for him. This weekend we will spend the weekend at Joe Wheeler State Park with Quint, Sheila, Caden, and Ansleigh in honor of his birthday. I am so blessed to be married to him. He is a great father that loves spending time with all three of our children. He is active in our church and tries to be a good Christian role model at work. He helps anyone that he can. He is my best friend and my soul mate. I love him so much and thank God that 29 years ago he created him just for me. Well for some other people too, I guess :)
Joe, Josie & Jolie

Joe, Josie & Elias

Joe & Caden:

Joe holding Ansleigh:

Joe & Jolie

Joe & Joel

Joe & Josie


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