Thursday, May 31, 2012

Josie & Jolie

Two things I want to share this morning.  First a conversation Jolie and I had this morning:

.Jolie: Who put our heads on?

Me: God.

Jolie: How did he do it?

Me: I'm not sure, you'll have to ask him one day.

Jolie: (looking to her side) God, how did you put our heads on?

Jolie: (talking to me) I can talk to him because he is everywhere and because I know he is right here beside me.

Me: That's right. He is always with you and he loves you.

Jolie: I love God too.

All I can say, is on days like this I feel like I must be doing something right as a mom.

Today is Josie's last day of school.  Here are some pictures I took.

 Josie and her friend Kielie:

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