Monday, August 20, 2012

First day of Preschool, K-5, and 1st Grade

It's the first day of school for all three of our babies.  Can you believe it, I know I can't. 

Last Thursday we had open house for all three.  First Joe, Josie, and I went to Josie's school and we met Josie's first grade teacher, Ms. Graham.  She gave a good first impression, but let us know first grade is nothing like what we went to.  After the second week of school Josie will have spelling, math, and language tests every week.  She will also have reading tests in the library.  This she does at her own pace.  She will read books and do a test on the computer for comprehension.  She will actually receive a letter grade in language, math, and spelling this year.  Social studies and science they do together as a class and she will recieve an S (satisfactory), U (unsatisfactory) or N (for needs improvement).  She will also be doing choir at school this year and will have a few field trips where they sing at nursing homes and a few concerts for the parents.  They will practice during school hours.  After meeting with Ms. Graham we stopped over at the kindergarten hall and visited Ms. Jackson, Josie's teacher from last year.

Joe and Josie then went home while I went to MCDP to meet with Jolie and Joel's teachers.  Ms. Jessie's is Jolie's teacher again this year.  She said Lol is a visual learner and is the fastest thinking child on her feet that she has ever met.  She also said she is a great helper and even helps with some of the students that tend to give Ms. Jessie's problems.  She said Lol makes her laugh every day and she doesn't know what she is going to do with not having a Burdick in her classroom next year :)

Next I met with Joel's teacher.  They will be teaching among other things: body parts, colors, shapes, numbers, letters, potty training, sharing, and helping get rid of his paci.  Ms. Linda was very excited about the curriculum which made me excited too.  Joel already knows some of his colors: blue, yellow, green, pink, and sometimes he may say/know red, white, purple, and orange.  He knows his eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and toes.  He tries to sing his ABCs.  He will repeat just about anything you say to him.  Warning TMI: He has also poo-pooed in the potty twice for Joe and me.  I still can't believe he is not even 2 yet and can do all this.

Yesterday after church we took it easy getting ready for today.  We painted nails, we picked out our clothes for today, and we talked about rules and expectations. 

This morning the girls were up bright and early ready for the day.  They got dressed and ate with absolutely no fights.  I was feeding Joel and I heard them in the living room, Josie was bragging to Jolie that she would have "math testeses."  I just had to laugh, then I corrected her.  She is so my child though, excited about tests.

I took some pictures before we left the house:

Sweet sisters (for the moment, ha ha):

 She wanted a picture of her finger nails:

 Joel with his backpack.  I snapped just as he set it down:
 No worries, Jolie isn't really sad she just can't help but make faces when you want to take a picture of her:

 First I dropped off Joel and Jolie.  We got out and I prayed over each of them and took my picture with them:

 Joel cried for a minute or two but then he was good.  I peeked back in after I took Jolie to her classroom and he was playing and having fun. 

Here is Jolie sitting at her new desk:

Last but not least it was time to take Josie to CES (Coosada Elementary School).  We had to search for parking because of everyone dropping off their babies and then I had forgotten to write some things down in her folder and so by the  time we got out I compltely forgot to pray over her, but I did pray the whole way to work, not only for her but for all 3.  As we walked in Josie saw a friend from MCDP.  They walked in hand-in-hand.

Josie & Mo-Mo:

 Standing outside her classroom:

Josie & Ms. Graham: 

I did great.  I never cried.  I did cry yesterday though.  We visited Millbook Methodist Church and during the service they had all the children going into school to go up front and the youth leaders, pastor, and anyone who was a teacher laid hands on them and prayed.  Those of us sitting in the congregation were supposed to reach out our hands and as we prayed. I cried and cried.  Then the teachers knelt and the kids stood up around them and laid hands on them and we prayed again.  It was very moving.  I can't explain how much it means to me to know that my children are so surrounded in prayers. 

I will report back tomorrow on how everyone's day went.  Feel free to call tonight if you want to talk to them yourselves.  They go to bed at 7:00 p.m. so call before then.

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