Monday, September 10, 2012


A few changes have been made in the Burdick household here lately.  (1) Joe has changed shifts.  He is now on the 10:30 p.m. to 6:45 a.m. shift. The kids don't really notice a difference since he is at home in the evenings to help with dinner, homework, and baths, but I notice an empty bed again.  (2) Joel has started potty training at school and some at home.  We are in the early stages, but he is showing some of the signs of being ready which is a full year earlier than the girls started showing signs.  After 6.5 years of kids in diapers, it will be a day of rejoicing when we no longer have to make diaper/pull-up runs.  (3) Josie's top front teeth are loose.  She is so excited. (4) The biggest change has had the most effect on us all.  We are visiting another church- First United Methodist in Millbrook.  It is behind the Village Green Park in downtown Millbrook.  This was not a decision that was made easily, and actually has been been a topic between Joe and I for probably a year or two now.  I have had this nagging feeling in my heart that God wanted us somewhere else.  I ignored it for a while and finally talked to Joe about it.  He also felt God letting him know that it was time to move to a new place.  We both ignored it.  This was the church I grew up and Joe has attended for the past 15 years, the church we married in, the church where we both have served as elders, the church I preached from the pulpit and helped lead the congregation when we had no pastor, the place all three of our children were baptized, the place that both girls haven taken up offering, and Josie had the great honor of being an acolyte.  It was too hard of a decision.  There were too many memories, and that was our family.  The feeling got stronger and stronger, and then one day we realized, we just can't ignore God anymore.  How can we teach our children to be obedient, when we ourselves were not being obedient?  We began to research the churches in our area to see what our options were and we began to pray, we both felt led to the same place-First Methodist.  We have now been 4 Sundays and one Wednesday.  The first time we went the girls came out of Sunday School asking to go back the next Sunday.  This was not a prompted question, it was just stated.  Sitting in the santcuary I finally found a peace I have not felt in probably two years.  We have made no final decisions and we will continue to pray and follow where we feel God is leading us.  I can honestly say throughout our ten year marriage this was one of the top 10 hardest decisions we have made, but we already feel the rewards of being obedient.  We have spoken to our pastor and a few people from First Presbyterian and all have been very supportive, which has helped with making this decision.  All one can do is follow where they feel God is leading them.  He talks to all of us differently and at different times, but I encourage you all to listen to to the still small voice instead of your own wants, desires, society, and other people who may try to lead you astray from God's wants and desires for you.  Only He knows what he has in store for you and only He knows where your perfect place is.  Here is a picture of Joel passed out after a morning at church (Doesn't he look like such a big boy with his khaki pants and big boy shoes):

Other than the above, things have been relatively calm in our house.  We have been lazy the past two weekends and have not had much on the agenda.  Labor Day weekend we had a playdate with the Collins Family Friday night, Saturday I took the kids to Chuck-E-Cheese with Quint and Sheila and later we watched the first Bama game, Sunday we had church and Monday we had lunch at Other Mama and Pap-Paw's house.  Josie got a 100 on her first and second spelling tests and brought home a big stack of graded papers the other day that all had 100s on them.  She is loving school and loves doing homework.  Jolie is excited because she has been getting homework as well.  Her handwriting is improving and if I knew the techniques for teaching her how to read, I think she could learn.  She wants to learn, so we need to find out what we can do to help her learn. 

Last week our van also broke down.  I was on my way to take the kids to school before going into work and it started making a funny noise.  I pulled off and checked the tires, and got back in the van and it would not go.  Thank goodness Joe was leaving work so he came straight from Hyundai to pick us up.  We still do not know what is wrong, but we are thinking it is the transmission.  We have already started looking around for another van because we have a feeling that is going to be the best option. 

This past Friday evening Other Mama and I took the girls to Ballet and the Beasts at the Montgomery Zoo.  It is a free event that the Montgomery Ballet and Zoo put on.  It was awesome!!  I think we will definitely try to make it a girls tradition each year.  The Zoo reopens at 6 and you can walk around or ride the train and they also have educational animals out, then around 7:30 the ballet starts.  You can take blankets, chairs, or there are bleachers.  You can take your own food or buy concessions there.  We had eaten before, so I just took snacks.  The girls loved it and at intermission got up to dance around.  They were so cute.  Saturday morning we left the house so Joe could get some sleep.  We went to Hobby Lobby looking for things for Joel & Jolie's birthday party and then Bath & Body Works.  The woman who worked there spoiled the girls.  The smelled all the different smells, she let them wash their hands in two or three different scented soaps, and then got ribbon bracelets that she sprayed with their favorite scent.  It was definitely a good outing when all I went in for was one little thing.  Then we came home to pack for their first ever not at home, non-relative slumber party.  Ms. Jessie (Jolie's teacher from MCDP) invited some girls over for a slumber party.  They had a blast.

My kids love Ms. Jessie and she takes the best pictures of them.  Here are a few more that she has taken of them at school: 

Joe had to work Saturday night so he got in to help me get Joel ready for church and then Joel and I went to go get the girls from Ms. Jessie's house.  We got them ready and headed to church.  After church we took afternoon naps and woke up to do a John Deere photo shoot in the field in front of our house for Joel & Jolie's birthdays.  (Joel & Jolie's tractor shirts were made by Joe's cousin, Rachel, for their birthday party.)


Final plans are being made for their party and they are getting excited.  I can't believe we are about to be able to say that we have two children over the age of 5.  Time is flying by and we're just along for the ride :)

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