Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mustang in Training

Joel is thriving at MCDP.  He will repeat anything you say to him, loves playing with his new friends, is learning his colors, shapes, numbers, letters, and like his sisters loves to learn new things.  His biggest milestone at the current time is giving up his paci.  Tuesday the teachers told us they would really like for us work on taking it away from him.  I thought long and hard about how we could do this.  Joel loves Browning.  So Joe and Joel walked outside and gave his paci to Browning so that Browning could sleep better at night.  He cried for it a little bit Tuesday night before we put him to bed but once we put him in his bed, he never cried for it.  The next morning was a little harder.  Joel loves his paci and lovie aka "Chops" first thing in the morning like most people love coffee.  He cried and fussed for it, but I reminded him that he gave it to Browning and started talking about his friends at school and he never said another word.  They did have to give it to him at nap time yesterday but as soon as nap time was over he gave it right back to his teachers.  Last night he did fine at church without it, but had a little trouble going to sleep.  I ended up rocking him (which of course I don't mind at all, be still my heart), and this morning he only fussed a little.  I'm sure each day will get easier, but I just can not believe how much of a big boy he is or that he will be 2 in 10 days. 

I don't know about y'all, but when I hear people talk about a place or a person, I like to picture that place or person. It is always interesting to finally meet or see a person after hearing much talk of him/her/it.  I talk quite often about MCDP and now I finally have pictures of Joel's classroom. They are the "Mustangs in Training" because the mascot for the school system the kids are in is the Mustangs.  They recently redid the classroom to make the room for the younger class they just added.

This is a picture they texted me yesterday.  He got a hold of the director's (Ms. Cynthia) drink and started sipping.  His little hands around this huge cup crack me up.

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