Sunday, August 4, 2013

Wedding Dress

Sometimes I get Pinterest envy.  I scroll through Pinterest and I think, oh, I would have loved to have done that for my wedding, baby showers, birthday parties, and so on and so on.  Oh well, what’s done is done, and I will forever have the memories and pictures of the way we did do our wedding, baby showers, birthday parties, and so on and so on, but in reality does all of that even matter?  You can have the most beautiful wedding and it be the most perfect day, but if there is no foundation of love and friendship, will it last?  The number of people divorcing that married around the time that Joe and I married scares me.  I often wonder are we next?  Will we survive?  PLEASE UNDERSTAND ME, I am in no way judging anyone divorced, nor judging divorce itself.  Most people in my family and life have been divorced.  I know that sometimes it is a mutual decision that both people are okay with.  I know that sometimes one person is devastated while the other person walks away.  I know that most of the time it is difficult for everyone involved.  I was blessed with a wonderful step-mother that loved/loves my brother and me as if we were her very own.  I know that people move on and remarry, and as in everything else, life goes on.  I must admit though, it still scares me.  I pray over my children and I pray that they never know divorce in mine and Joe’s marriage and in their own marriages. I pray for the people that they will marry.  I pray that their spouses (and they) are Godly people who will be the husbands and wives that the Bible calls them to be.  I pray that my children find spouses that love them, respect them, and treat them as they should be treated.  I pray that we all get along and enjoy spending time with each other, Joe and I with the people they marry and them with each other’s spouses.  I also pray for my future grandchildren, and their future spouses.  I would love to leave behind a legacy of love.

In honor of our 11 year anniversary back in May, I took pictures of the girls in my wedding dress.  In some pictures they are holding a picture of me wearing the dress.  It was a beautiful touching time for me.  The dress is just a dress, but it has become a symbol of faithfulness, friendship, love, perseverance, trust, and determination between Joe and me.  My prayer is that on their wedding day, Joe and I are still married so that they can proudly display the picture of them in my dress holding a picture of me in the dress.

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