Sunday, August 4, 2013


Change.  Like most people, my opinion of change depends on the change itself and the circumstances surrounding the change.  Sometimes changes can be so small you do not even notice that they have happened until you stop and look back at how things used to be.  This past year has held many changes for us. 

Joe has officially been at Hyundai for a year now.  Joe changing jobs was a huge change for us.  It has taken some adjusting to shift work, but I believe it was the best decision for our family. 

We have officially been attending (and joined in June) the Millbrook First United Methodist Church.  This change was probably one of the hardest changes we have ever made, but it has truly blessed our family.  I see our children, Joe, and me growing and thriving there, and my cup overfloweth. 

We have had many health issues within our little Burdick family and our immediate family this past year.  Now I suppose this does not qualify as a change, but it definitely created a change in our lives.  I spent more time at the hospital this past year than I care to for the rest of my life.  My role as daughter, wife, mother, and friend were challenged in each circumstance, and I came out of it valuing life and the people closest to me all the more for it.  However, I think the hardest lessons (and probably the most needed lessons) were (1) Leaning on others:  I had to depend on others which is very hard for me.  I feel that when I ask others for help it means (a) I have failed because I can not do it; and (b) I hate the thought of inconveniencing people.  And (2) I can’t control everything.  I know that sounds stupid, and obviously I don’t truly believe that I can control everything, but I do feel that I should always have an answer for everything. This past year, sometimes I didn’t have the answer, and we just had to “ride out the storm.”  Of course, God has always provided (which I knew he would, but sometimes my faith falters) whether it was with money, help by family or friends, or healing.

My children are growing.  Yes I know that is an obvious change, but sometimes it makes a Mommy sad.  I remember days when I thought it would be so good to have them in school.  Now as it gets closer to Jolie starting kindergarten, I don’t know if I feel the same way.  I find it hard to believe that I have two school age children.  Have they really grown that much?  Are they ready?  This is Josie’s last year at the elementary school.  Next year she goes to the Intermediate school.  The Intermediate school!!!! 

Of course, there have been other changes: relationships, births, deaths, people moving, and other normal things.  And I look back and some of our changes were profound changes and some were subtle, however, change is necessary in life.  How can we grow if we never change?  How can fulfill our calling if we never move outside of our comfort zone? 

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