Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I like Uncle Ben

So often people tell me I need to write down all the hilarious things that Josie says, and I keep intending to do so, but to date have not started. Well last night what she had to say wasn't funny, it was sweet. Everytime I get off the phone with someone she always asks me who I had been speaking with. There are several people I talk to often and usually her response is "You were talking with _____ again!" Well last night I had called Ben and when I hung up Josie asked me her usual question of who I had been talking to. I told her Uncle Ben. She said I like Uncle Ben. I said awwwwwww, Uncle Ben loves you too, honey. It was so sweet and sincere. We always tell the girls we love them and they always hear us say we love you to other people, but we don't often talk about liking people.

Uncle Ben (and Aunt Tiffany, most of these include Aunt Tiffany) swam and played with her (and Jolie) in the ake on the 4th. Uncle Ben will give her the extra quarters he has in his pocket so that she can ride the horses at Wal-Mart. Uncle Ben will let her ride back to his or our house whenever we meet them out some where. Uncle Ben always wants her to sit on his lap and talk to him whenever he sees her. Uncle Ben always shares his food with her. Uncle Ben was waiting at the house the day she came home from the hospital. Uncle Ben came over to see her after both of her surgeries. She has lots of reasons to like and love her Uncle Ben and it was so sweet to hear her say that without any promtimg from me.

We all love you Uncle Ben and Aunt Tiffany:


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