Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend at Grammy & Emmie's

We left Thursday night around 6:00 p.m. to head to Grammy and Emmie's house in Panama City. The girls did really good riding down there and Jolie fell asleep maybe about 20-30 minutes away from their house. Of course once we got there around 10:30 they were ready to play. Friday Grammy and Emmie had to work so once we got up and dressed we walked over to their work. They both work for the foster care system for Florida and so it was like trick or treating for the girls. Everyone had goodies at their desk for the girls. They walked away with Tinkerbell megaphones, a a handmade quilt a piece, stuffed animal (both dogs), and balls. They loved it. After that we rode down the strip and then ate lunch. After lunch we played a round of putt-putt. The girls were too cute. We actually played at a place I remember playing as a girl. Jolie's method was to take the ball and place it right beside the hole and then try to hit it it. Both of them were so cute to watch. The place was decorating for Christmas and so that made it all the better. We got to walk over candy cande bridges and play to Christmas music. After putt-putt we went to a little store to buy hermit crabs. Joe has always wanted more since he had one as a child. So we found a pretty cage decorated with a Dora piece and then they picked out their crabs. Josie picked out one that had spider man painted on the shell, and Jolie picked out one that had dragonflies painted on it. So now Spider Man and M.J. have joined the Burdick family. After that it was back to Grammy and Emmie's for naps. After naps and dinner we went and walked on the beach. We saw shrimp, crabs, a jellyfish, and heard lots of fish jumping. After that we went to Pier Park and the girls rode the carousel that used to be at Miracle Strip (an amusement park they tore down a couple of years ago). Again, it was neat for the girls to be riding on something I had written on as a child. Then they wanted to jump. They had these trampolines with bungees cords so you can jump really high, yes my 3.5 and 2 year olds wanted to jump. So we let them. These are just pictures of them in the harness because we could not get any while they were in the air.



The loved it. Both smiled and laughed the whole time. Saturday we had Thanksgiving and played on the playground. We left Grammy and Emmie's around 2:30 yesterday and got home a little before 7:00 p.m. We had a great time and it was just a good family get away.

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