Monday, November 16, 2009


The holiday season is approaching fast, and I am not sure that I ready to deal with it. Josie has already been talking about Santa and Thanksgiving has not even passed us yet.

Not a whole lot has been going on in the Burdick household lately, but enough to keep us busy. Last weekend (the 7th & 8th) we went to Santuck (a huge flea market)and the girls loved it. Josie kept calling it Santucky. That evening we met Rebecca and Angie for dinner and then went shopping at Sports Academy. Sunday we had Sheila's baby shower for Ansleigh which went really well. Sheila and Ansleigh got lots of pink stuff :) Then this past Friday I took the girls to Joe's course when I got off work. They love riding around the golf course. Daddy's work is much more fun than Mommy's work. We even saw some deer which then had Jolie calling for deer the whole rest of the night. Josie kept trying to tell her that they had gone to sleep but Jolie just wasn't buying it. Saturday morning Other Mama and I took the girls to the Sonshine Park at Mulder Methodist. The girls had a blast. Then we had their Christmas pictures made. The girls did sooo good. We only had to retake two photos. I can not wait to get them in which should be on the 23rd. Last night Mary Kelley, Tim, Jesse, and Catie came over. The girls love having friends over. We leave this Thursday evening to go to my mom's for the weekend. We have not been down there in a year and a half and she has moved since we've been down there last, so it will be nice to see her new house. My dad had surgery on his other knee this morning. He just called me and he is out and the surgery went well. However this knee was worse that his other where he had been favoring it all this time, so I think the healing time will be a little longer. We also have a precious neice that should be gracing our presence sometime between now and Christmas. I can't wait to meet her and we pray that she hangs tight for a little while longer (she is due on Christmas Eve), but the doctor is thinking she will come early.

Mary Kelley and I will be working with the kids 5 and under for their Christmas skit at church. It will be during the service on the 13th if anyone wants to come. It will be really simple and short becuase it will be kids ages 1-5, but still they are contributing their part to the Christmas festivities at church.

Well as I said before the holidays are approaching fast and I feel that sometimes Thanksgiving does not get its full credit. Please everyone take the time to remember and thank God for all that you have. Joe and I are so blessed. We have been married for almost 8 years now with two beautiful girls. We both have jobs, a roof over our heads, vehicles to drive, shoes on our feet, food to eat, wondeful loving supportive family and friends (too many to list everyone by name), a great church family, and a God that loves us and has chosen us to be his own. With the economy it is, it reminds us that we can not take anything for granted. Our neighbors have lost their house and it has gone into foreclosure, so many people have lost their jobs, children are going to school without proper winter attire, and I could go on and on. Sometimes we get bogged down with all the negative things that happen in our lives, but stop and try to start looking at the positive. It is such a better way to look at life. If you are receiving this please know that I am so thankful that you are in my life and we love you.

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