Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween

Halloween festivities are upon us and the girls are loving it. A weekend or so ago the girls and I carved/decorated pumpkins with Mary Kelley, Catie, and Jesse. We used parts like a Mr. Potato head and Josie's was a dog face and Jolie's was a silly face. I made a cat face. They are proudly displayed outside in the yard. They also made pumpkins at Erica's house, which are also displayed outside. Here are the ones from Erica's house:

Last night Other Mama and I took the girls to Aunt Sheila's and Uncle Quint's "Big Church" (as Josie calls it) for Trunk or Treat and other activities. The girls had a blast. At first Jolie was confused at what to do and then started trying to throw candy through the holes instead of balls or bean bags. She quickly caught on. They both got tons of candy and we saw so many people there. Ms. Erica, her husband Desmond, and her daughter Meredith, Aunt Crystal, Uncle Chris, Elias, Annaleigh, and of course Aunt Sheila, Uncle Quint, and Caden. After getting their candy we went on a hay ride. They were so excited about the tractor. Here are some pictures of Josie the Bat and Jolie the Butterfly:

Are they the cutest bat and butterfly ever. I guess I am partial though.

Here are two more cuties, our nephews Caden and Tanner. These are pictures that their Moms/Dads took. I just want everyone to see how blessed with are with these two little handsome men:



We have Trunk or Treat at our church on Saturday and by then I think the girls should be good and sugared up.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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