Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another week, another weekend report.

Friday night we went and bought Jolie a toddler bed. Wal-Mart has sleigh toddler beds for $55.00. We bought the dark cherry so now her bed matches ours, not that that matters, but I was impressed. The plastic character beds were the same price. Joe got it all put together and as I expected bed time was not the easiest. After an hour or so we finally got her to sleep. Joe and Chris left a little after 11:00 or midnight to head to Pensacola for their 14 hour deep sea fishing trip. They had a blast. It was only them and two other guys fishing. Joe really enjoyed himself and both guys came back exhausted. They got home around 9:00 or 10:00 Saturday night. Chris was too exhausted to drive home and ended up staying the night. The girls I cleaned out Jolie's closet and got it organized Saturday and spent the later part of the afternoon with Crystal, Elias, and Annaleigh. Nap time went even worse bedtime the night before. Sunday morning the girls woke up to find Chris still asleep on the couch. They kept looking at him like he was a science experiment. It was too funny. Sunday at church we had our Kirkin of the Tartin service. Presbyterianism was started by a Scottish man named John Calvin, and so this is a service to remember our heritage. Two of members wore their family tartin's (kilt). Every family or clan has its own kilt fabric. It was really need to learn more about our history. We even had a woman that played the bagpipe. Josie watched in amazement. I got goosebumps watching Josie. It was so neat to be able to share this with her. It seems that the Andersons (my maiden name)have their own clan and have their own tartin fabric. When I have free time I will have to research more and maybe next year Joe can work the Anderson family tartin. After church me and the girls went to lunch at Taco Bell with Chris and Crystal while Joe had session. This was the first time I've been back to Taco Bell after they over charged my debit card by like $120.00. They told me Sunday that they bought new machines after the incident with me. Joe didn't get home until about 3:30 p.m. so by the time we got to the fair Dora had left. She was only there from 2-4 on Sunday. Josie only asked for her once but after seeing everything else that was going on quickly forgot. I on the otherhand still felt like a horrible mom because I know better than to even tell her something until I know for absoulte certain it can come true. Jolie got so excited as we pulled up. We watched the racing pigs (which didn't impress my girls. There was too much talking and not enough action). We went through the petting zoo. The girls loved this because they were able to feed the animals carrots. Both girls got to feed the camel some carrot pieces. They both just giggled as he (or she?) ate it out of their hands. We went to the circus which they absolutely loved. Both girls sat still through the whole show excpet to move to a place where they could see better. They both enjoyed the fair food: their own bag of cotton candy, corn dogs, and slush puppies.
The Circus:

Joe helped them both win their own teddy bear by throwing darts at balloons. I will never understand men's need to win cheaply made stuffed animals at fairs, but yet they all seem drawn to it. Most importantly they got to ride a few rides. Next year we will have to save up and buy wristbands for us all. This was the first time Jolie had ever been on an amusement park ride, her face stayed lit up the entire time with a huge grin. She was so excited to be doing it and even when she could not ride the rides that Josie and Elias could, she watched her big sister going round and round and waved to her. It was so sweet.
The Rides:

Yes, both girls are dressed in similar shirts. For those of you who have seen them in a while Josie has pigtails, and Jolie's hair is just pulled up. (I do this when we go to large crowds to help me keep track of them andI don't have to remember who was wearing what should (God forbid) I lose one.) All in all the fair was a great experience and the girls did great and had a blast.

Yesterday I was off and so I kept the girls home with me. We cleaned out Josie's closet and so now I have bags and bags of clothes and other stuff all over my house. Some bags for Sheila & Ansleigh, some bags for Annaleigh, a bag for my friend Ashley, and I even found some stuff for Tanner. I was able to teach the girls how to play twister yesterday which they thought was quite funny. Josie caught me off guard with two statements yesterday (1) she informed that Ansleigh (Quint & Sheila's daughter that is still inhabiting Sheila's tummy) does not have any hair (I think Josie was considering sending her some hairbows to go with the clothes and then changed her mind); and (2) she asked if we could go to Daddy's work and bring him home. I guess after a weekend of it mainly being me and the girls they were ready for some Daddy time. Hopefully they can get some soon.

This morning I got up Lol to get her ready and when I took off her diaper I realized it was completely dry so I took her straight to the toilet and she pottied. She kept saying I did it, I did it.

I think that is about everything. I did find out this morning that me and the girls get to go to Ansleigh's 4-D ultrasound. The girls will be so excited. They love all their cousins so much and we are so blessed that they can all grow up to be close to one another.

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