Friday, October 9, 2009

Jolie's Two New Firsts

I have often referred to myself as feeling like a single parent (and when I do this I am not attempting to take away anything from those of you that actually are single parents, I'm just letting you know I feel your pain), and in feeling that way, there are some things that are a lot more difficult than when you have two parents to help. For instance, shopping with a child that is potty trained and one that is not. It never fails when it is just the three of us, Josie has to go potty and so now we have to squeeze into a bathroom with our buggy and me keep Lol occupied while Josie does what she has to do or leave the buggy outside and hope no one takes our stuff; or going into places that does not have buggies, you have four hands touching things and you only have two. Well last night I got really brave. I have been needing a hair cut as have the girls. Of course, Joe was not home and wasn't going to be home for some time (continue your prayers that he finds a job with regular hours closer to home before I go insane!) and I decided we were doing it. I stopped by the house to change clothes, got cheese-its, juice cups, and huge suckers. We got there and they both touched a display shampoo bottle and sat like perfect angels. Now, granted we only had to sit there for like 3 minutes, but they were perfect for those three minutes. So I had written down Josie's name first so back all three of us go. I get Lol situated with her cheese-its and juice in a heater seat and get Josie up in the chair.

Well I just assumed that the same woman would do all three of us. This assumption was wrong. Shortly after Josie got started a girl came to get Lol. So I got Lol set up and stood in between the two.
This was Jolie's first hair cut. She took it very seriously as you can tell from the picture.

Jolie just got a slight trim because I don't want her to lose any of her curls. However, the woman was fascinated that the tips of her hair were dark brown and her roots were blond. I then explained that both of my girls had been born dark headed with blond highlights and that both of their hair has just gotten lighter and lighter. Lol did great. She was only in the chair for maybe 2-3 minutes. She never budged. She got down and I gave her her huge sucker. Josie was in the chair a little longer and the kept moving her head to see what was going on with Jolie so hers took a little longer. Okay, this was the easy part, the hard part was when it was my turn to sit in the chair and trust that they would behave. Hence, the huge suckers. I sat down and they both had their huge suckers and juice. One woman was kind enough to give them hand towels to use as bibs because Lol had purple slober running all down her face. They did good up until the last 2-3 minutes of my hair cut. They got more adventerous and made enough friends that they were watching other people get their hair done. They were esepcially fascinated by a woman who was having her hair highlighted and had the funny cap on. Here is a picture of the end product. You can not tell any difference with Lol, but Josie got a good couple of inches off.

Jolie's next first happened this morning. Jolie still sleeps in her crib. She has always been one to be put down and she needs to be left alone. When we brought her home her crib was set up in our room and then when we moved she moved in the room with Josie and then got her own room, but she has always slept in her crib. Well when I get ready in the mornings I get Lol out after Josie and I are ready. Lol likes to get into stuff more and it is just easier (again, b/c I'm the only one there getting them both ready) for me to leave her in their until I'm ready for her. Well I was brushing Josie's hair this morning and I heard a door open. I about jumped out of my skin because I knew that Joe was not there. He leaves for work at 5:00 a.m. Then out comes Lol saying "I did it, I did it." She was so proud that she had gotten out of her crib, opened her door, and came to my room to get ready. I of course was not as excited because this now means we have to make her crib into a toddler bed and hope she stays in it when we lay her down at night. So we shall see how this transition goes. As you all know, it did not go well with Josie and we still have problems getting her to bed at night.

This weekend will be busy. Joe is getting to go on a deep sea fishing trip with Chris and two guys that Crystal works with. We won't even get into the conversations that went along with that. So I guess me and the girls will spend Saturday with Crystal, Elias, and Annaleigh. It was originally planned that all of us be together for a day of fun, but plans change, right. Sunday we have a special Scottish service at church, Joe has session, and then we take the girls to the fair. Dora will be there and I am excited that the girls will get to meet her.

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