Monday, December 14, 2009

Change of Plans

Christmas is only 11 days away and I have done very little shopping. Hope all of you are doing better than I am.

Friday Joe was off so he decided to have a daddy-daughter day. Joe and Josie ran errands and then went hunting. They spent four and a half hours in a shooting house and Josie loved it. They took the video camera so that they could "shoot" the animals. All they saw were birds, but it was a great bonding time for the two of them. They did not get home until 9:00 p.m. Friday night, so Lol and I went and visited family and looked at Christmas lights after I got off work at 2:00 p.m. on Friday.

Saturday the parade got rained out so we had arts and crafts day with Josie, Jolie and Caden. We made hand print ornaments, gingerbread Christmas trees, decorated sugar cookies, and made reindeer shirts (their foot is the face of the reindeer and then their hands are the antlers.) The kids had so much fun and played so well together. I hate that we missed Christmas on the Coosa, but I think we made up for it.

Sunday the girls had their skit at church. They were so cute and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus for everyone to hear. I was so proud of them. After church we had a great family lunch with MeeMaw, Paw-Paw, Aunt Sheila, Uncle Quint, and Caden. That evening we went to the Episcopal church for the children's production. Our church and the Episcopal church teamed up to do this and so we had the first show at our church and then had it again last night at the Episcopal church. Josie was so excited last week that she kept telling us that she couldn't wait to do that "one day." Well in the production there are 3 butterflies, 4 lambs, 4 fireflies, 1 grasshopper, 1 owl, 1 angel, 4 lady bugs, and 2 bluebirds. Well on the way to the Episcopal church last night she said when I do it I want to be a blue bird and there is two so Lollie can be one too. It was so cute!! And I was astonished that she remembered that there were only 2 bluebirds, just enough for her and Lollie to do it together.

They continue to get excited about all the facets of Christmas. They love looking at the lights and still fight over who the lights belong to or whose side they are on. They get excited every time they see Santa Claus (you can't just say Santa, it has to be Santa Claus). They are just so cute to watch.

This week is going to be a very busy week for us. Wednesday Joe and I have Joe's work Christmas party in Greenville, Friday Sheila is being induced to have baby Ansleigh, and Saturday is the Christmas on the Coosa dance. We also have to buy presents for the little girl whose name we picked off the angel tree.

Although it is so easy to get caught up in the hype and festivities, I hope everyone remembers the true reason for the season. Love you all!

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