Thursday, May 6, 2010

Josie Can Finally Ride a Bike

Back in September or October Josie I went to a consignment sale and found her a bike for $5.00. She was so excited about it as was I. We took it home and pumped up the tires and Joe adjusted the handlebars and seat for her and the next day we took it outside for her to ride. Or so we thought. We both worked with her trying to explain to her how to ride a bike. She would pedal a little and then slam on the brakes. She couldn't go forward for slaming on the brakes. We tried for two weeks working with her when I finally decided that maybe she just was not ready. Shortly thereafter Ben and Tiffany took in a foster child that was a little older and we let "A" borrow the bike while she stayed with Ben and Tiffany. Ben brought it back one day and because it was winter it just went back under the car port. So last night after eating Mexican in honor of Cinco de Mayo the girls and I ate popsicles outside. After our popsicles I thought it would be nice to take a walk and Josie asked if she could ride her bike. I told her she could as long as she actually rode the bike. So we got out the red car for Lol to ride in and Josie's bike. To my amazement she had finally figured out how to ride the bike. She still had a few problems getting started when we first started, but after our first round around the block she had it figured out. I was so proud of her. I kept telling her how great she was doing and she was just beaming. She would start pedaling real fast and then tell Lol to look at her and Lol with a huge smile on her face would say, "Good Job." It was so sweet to see little Lol as an encourager for her big sister. The whole walk warmed my heart. We were still walking when Joe got home around 8:00 and so he got to see her ride her bike as well.


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