Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Josie's First Day

If you ask Josie how her first day went, in Tony the Tiger fashion she says, "It was GREAT!!" She was so happy when I picked her up and she loved every second of it. She liked P.E. because they did jumping jacks, and they talked about the Gingerbread Man and the Gingerbread's mom made gingerbread cookies for them to eat. She sang that song all night long. Every day a sheet will be sent home showing either a happy face, a sad face, or a straight face letting us know how their day went, and Josie got a smiley face. Let's hope that continues.

When I picked them up I had a special surprise for the girls from Aunt Sheila: new back packs. I had not bought new back packs because they still had good ones, but yesterday her folder did not fit into the way it needed to so Aunt Sheila bought both girls new back packs. A Littlest Pet Shop monkey with peace signs for Josie and Hello Kitty for Jolie. They got so excited when they saw them and could not wait to take them to school.

Ms. Jackson sent home with her a super sweet goody bag fully of little goodies that had a meaning with it. Laffy Taffy because they are going to laugh and have fun together. A Hug (Hersey's kisses but with a nut inside it) because we all need hugs. Smarties because they are all smart. An eraser because we all make mistakes and IT IS OKAY. A sticker because they need to stick together. And a heart because Ms. Jackson loves them. I must admit I got a little choked up when I read the explanations to her last night.

Today she is spending the day with Aunt Sheila and then tomorrow she goes back for another day at school.

I want to thank everyone who called Josie or wrote me to ask about her day. It meant so much to Josie to be able to share her day with as many people as she could. I told her about all the people who asked about her and her face would just light up. For those who called after she was asleep last night, I will have her call you tonight.

This is such a huge milestone in Josie's life and I am so thankful to have so many people to share it with.

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