Monday, August 29, 2011

McClellan's Critter Zoo

Last week was Josie's first full week of school and she did really good. She is still learning the ropes and rules so a bad day is to be expected every once in a while, but I'm very proud of well she is doing and how excited she is staying about school. Her first project was due Friday. A paper plate look like me doll:

Friday we had family night in and cooked a yummy dinner of steak and hotdogs.

Saturday was a mini adventure. I had heard about this petting zoo place in Banks (close to Troy). An Australian man owns he. He originally opened it for mentally handicapped and disabled children to get a closer look at animals, more so that what you would get at the zoo. At one point he decided to open it to the public. It is an awesome place. We definitely got our money's worth. The owner himself gives tours and he took the time to talk about each animal as we stopped at their cage. What I was most impressed with was that he made it very educational. He made a point to tell the children at each cage that in no way do you go close to these animals in the wild. He had different kinds of monkeys, lemurs, lions, tigers, alligators, bears, camels, cows, goats, deer, snakes, a pig, ligers (a cross between a lion and tiger) and a cross between a donkey and zebra (I can't remember what he called it.) We had a great trip and even Sheila, Caden, Ansleigh, Aunt Mona, her nephew Brayden, and Joe's Uncle Gary came along. It was very hot, but we all stayed well hydrated.

After the zoo we went to Arbys for lunch and some much needed air conditioner:

Then we went to visit Joe's Uncle Terry's grave. We had not been there since the funeral four and a half years ago. This was the first time we have taken the girls to a cemetary, so the talk in the van on the way to the cemetary was very interesting to say the least.

All in all it was a great day.

Sunday we had church and Awana. The girls are doing great at learning their verses and they are both now the proud owners of Awana vests.

Jolie is getting super excited about her birthday and tells everyone that she can that she is going to "be this many" and holds up four fingers.

Next Tuesday Josie does not have school because it is a parent/teacher day. I have made an appointment with her teacher that afternoon and we will go over how she is doing and everything like that.

We have a lot of unspoken prayer requests for family members and friends right now, so if you don't mind mentioning those to God the next time you talk to him, he knows who all they are.

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