Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lots of Prayers

This past week has been a whirlwind and in all honestly a depressing one. We keep getting bad news about so many family and friends that are in need of prayers and healing that after a while it takes a toll on you.

Last Wednesday morning we got a call that Joe's father had had a mild heart attack in the middle of the night. They ended up doing 5 bypasses and he was in the ICU from last Thursday through yesterday when they moved him to a regular room. Hopefully he will be home soon and can start his recovery process. We have all rallied around his parents and did everything within our power to take care of them. Jolie has been having a hard time knowing that Paw-Paw is in the hospital. One night she told me that Paw-Paw missed her and he needed her with him. She then layed it on even thicker saying that her heart hurt like Paw-Paw's and I needed to take her to the hospital too.

We are also praying for my dad. He has not been feeling well, and they just can't quite figure out what is wrong with him. He also has knee replacement surgery in October so we are praying that everything goes well with that. We are praying for Babette Urban, my mom's former partner. She found out this past week that she needs a liver transplant. We are praying for my grandmother, Ruth Berdine. She is in the hospital and they are trying to figure out what is wrong with her. We are praying for my friend Megan Worden. She has a rare form of thyroid cancer. She starts treatment I think next week. Her cancer is stage 4. She has two young girls, one Josie's age, and one Joel's age. We are praying for our friend Robbie Broadway. She has double breast cancer. She has a PET scan today to see if it is in her bones. She also has two young girls. We are praying for a friend from church, Libby Fain. They just found brain cancer. Plus a few unspoken prayers.

Please join us in lifting up these people with us. We know that God hears our prayers.

There was a good thing that happened this week. Josie got to acolyte for the first time at church. She did great. We are so proud of her. I know I told you that I would give you a heads up, but this was a last minute thing. She was asked to do it 10 minutes before the service started and I almost told her no, but I didn't want to take the opportunity away from Josie. Joe was there. If he had not been, I definitely would have told Rose no.

Lastly, y'all, I am not a fundraising person. I just never have been, but Josie brought home her first fundraiser yesterday. Below is the book (sorry it is in black & white and not color. I don't have a color printer and my scanner was tearing up the book.) If anyone is interested please let me know. The checks need to be made out to "CES" (Coosada Elementary School), and all money has to be turned in September 21st. Thanks!

Philippians 4.7:And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ.

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