Thursday, October 6, 2011

Joe & Jolie at the Pumpkin Patch

Joe is on his first field trip with one of the kids. Jolie's preschool is at the Clanton Pumpkin Patch and Joe someone managed to get off to go with her. I think they are both having a great time:

Josie was also very excited about today because she got to wear her pajamas to school. Who knew something so small could make a person so happy.

We left earlier than we should have (I didn't time it right since I only had 2 kids) and so Josie and I played with Joel at Ms. Debbies for a little while before I took her to school. He took another step for me and we all clapped for him. He was such a happy boy this morning. Crawling around every where, smiling with that adorable dimple, and just being a rambunctious little boy.

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