Monday, December 5, 2011

Callaway Gardens

One Christmas weekend down, three more to go. It is hard to believe that the Christmas season is upon us and before we know it it will be gone and we will be writing 2012 on everything.

Friday after I got off work I picked up Joel and took him to Name Dropper. Two very dear and sweet ladies gave us a gift certificate to get him his first pair of walking shoes. I took him to get fitted and find the perfect pair. He was so cute. The woman put his right foot into the little contraption to see what size his right foot was and as she was trying to switch everything to check his left foot he was already trying to put it in like he knew just what to do. We picked out a shoe and while she went to the back to get it we found a pair of the cutest little Alabama squeaker shoes. For those of you who don't know, they have made shoes that squeak every time the child takes a step. The squeakers can be taken out, but they are fun for children first learning to walk. We found a pair and put them on him and he loved hearing himself squeak. He was so cute. Unfortunately they were a little snug and they didn't have the next size up so we found another pair that are just perfect. They can be worn to daycare and church.

After finding Joel his perfect pair of shoes, he and looked around for the perfect baby gifts for Crystal. She is expecting baby number three sometime in January. We settled on a swaddle sack and the pad for the car seat handle. I had received one at my baby shower for Joel and that pad was a life saver to my arm.

After leaving Name Dropper he and I went and got Josie and Jolie from school and headed to Wal-Mart. We needed a few more things before our trip to Georgia to see Fantasy in Lights.

Joe got to hunt Friday after he got off work and got home around 8:00 p.m. that night.

Saturday morning we cleaned out the van, packed up, and around 11:30 we headed to Other Mamas and Pap-Paws to pick them up so that we could head to Callaway Gardens. We were able to all fit in the van which made the ride even more fun. Saturday was Pap-Paw's birthday so it was really great to get to spend his birthday with him in such a special way. We first went to the hotel to get checked in and unpack a little. Then as is an Anderson tradition we ordered pizza to eat in the hotel room. Around 5 p.m. we headed over to Callaway Gardens. We got there just in time to load up on the trolley. THE KIDS LOVED IT. Even Joel was pointing and talking the entire time. The ride was about an hour long and the lights were just beautiful. It is amazing all the work that goes into it. After unloading from the trolley we sat in the grass and watched up a Christmas light enactment of the nativity story. It was really neat. At the appointed time each character would light up. It was just short enough to keep the girls' attention and still very meaningful. After that we looked around Christmas Village. Santa was there but the line was way too long. He was dressed as Father Christmas with the long beautiful robe instead of the usual red suit, and Josie looked at me and said "Santa is wearing a dress." It was so cute. After that we headed to take Pap-Paw for his birthday dinner. We ate and headed back to the hotel for baths and bed. The girls had eached called early that morning who they were sleeping with, Josie with Pap-Paw and Jolie with Other Mama. Joel slept in our room in his play pen. We had two rooms that adjoined so it worked out perfectly when we needed to lay Joel down for naps, we just went over to Other Mama and Pap-Paw's room. Sadly, I have no pictures. My camera's batteries were dead when I pulled out my camera to take pictures at Callaway.

The next morning we got up and ate breakfast at the hotel and took our time packing and lounging around. A little before 11 Georiga time we headed back home.

That afternoon Joel and I went to Crystal's baby shower, while Joe took the girls to our church to decorate and setup the float that we will use in the Christmas Parade this coming up weekend. From what I'm told the men did all the work while the children played. After the baby shower I went home to put Joel to bed and noticed that Joe hard started putting the Christmas lights up outside, so I finished them. The girls were so excited when they got home and saw the house all lit up.

Josie has a field trip today to the Wadsworth Christmas Tree Farm. This will be her first field trip of not having someone from the family go with her. I know she will be fine though and have lots of fun. This Saturday we are in the Christmas on the Coosa Parade with our church. This will be the kids' first year in the parade. Joe and I were in at Micky and Minnie Mouse one year when we were in high school. They are really excited about being in the parade. It starts at 3 I believe for anyone who wants to come and wave to them.

Sunday Josie will perform with the children's choir during church, our service starts at 11, but I am not sure what time they will sing. Last time they sang throughout the entire service. Sunday afternoone we will all go carrling with the church.

I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season.

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