Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Second Weekend of Christmas...

Christmas Weekend 2 down, 2 to go :)

Before I tell you what all we did this weekend, there is something else I want to share. This past Sunday during the sermon our preacher spoke about a couple that had just had a baby and how having newborn babies close to Christmas can intensify the feelings of Christmas for us. I can attest to that. Christmas of 2006 I was very pregnant with one Josie Madelynn. I remember a lot of Sunday mornings crying during the service as I looked up front to our beautiful hand crafted nativity scene that sits on the communion table in front of the pulpit. A lot of Sundays I put myself in Mary's shoes. Carrying a child that you were so excited to meet yet nervous about being a first time mother. Just thinking that the one who came to save me, the one who has loved me from my very first breath, came into the world in the exact same way Josie was about to. I also would become very sad for Mary knowing that she would have to give her son up, knowing that the child she carried was hers but not completely. I think as long as I live, I will remember how emotional that Christmas season was for me, and how that makes Christmas mean so much more now. Jesus is coming, prepare the way!!

Okay, now on to our weekend. Friday night we had MeMaw and Paw-Paw over for dinner. After dinner we all loaded up into our van and drove around looking at Christmas ligthts. It was a really nice evening and everyone enjoyed the lights.

Saturday morning we played around the house until it was time to head to Wetumpka. Christmas on the Coosa (The "Coosa" is a river that runs through Wetumpka) is a big deal in Wetumpka, and also a family tradition. My family always went as children, and we have always taken our kids. Tons of people come for all the festivities which include vendors, bouncy houses for the children, a race, car show, performers, petting zoo, a street parade and top the night off a boat parade and fireworks. We first walked across the bridge to downtown to look at all the vendors, and then we headed back to the church to get ready to be in the parade.
Here are the kids with balloons someone gave them:

Our church had a float in the parade and the theme was our 175 birthday. We had people walking beside the float and the kids rode on the float. Our walkers included people dressed in Scottish garb to represent our Scottish heritage, ladies dressed in antebellum dresses, and Joe, Joel and I dressed in regular clothes representing the modern family. We pushed Joel in a car that Pap-Paw got Josie for her first birthday. That thing has been the best. It has lasted through almost 6 six years and 3 kids. We all had a blast. Joe and I took turns pushing Joel and handing out silly bands and candy to kids who watched the parade. After our float finished the parade we walked back so that the kids could see the end of the parade.

Here the girls and Caden are waiting for Santa to come through the parade:

Ansleigh riding in Joel's car while the parade was finishing up:

After the parade, we decided we needed to eat. We had worked up quite an appetite with all the walking, so we went with Quint & Sheila to eat Mexican. After dinner we went and played at a nearby park until it was time for fireworks.

Sunday morning Josie sang in the Childrens Choir at church. She had a big fan base sitting in the pews watching her: Other Mama, Aunt Sheila, Uncle Quint, Caden, Ansleigh, MeMaw, Paw-Paw, and of course Jolie, Joe, and me. She did a great job and actually sang. We were all so proud of her. After church the kids and I played in the nursery while Joe had a short session meeting. Here is a picture Other Mama took while we waited:

After that we had lunch, took naps, and headed back to church to go caroling. We rode the float we made for the parade through the streets behind the church stopping at various houses and singing to the people who came out to listen to us. It was a lot of fun. After that we had a hotdog supper at church.

The kids have a lot going on at school this week with Christmas parties, field trips, and PJ days. In fact, the kids got to open their presents from Aunt Debbie, Grammy, and Gigi early so that they could wear their new pjs to school this week. They were so excited about all their gifts.

We found out yesterday that Joel has croup. He woke up about 4 a.m. Tuesday morning barking and had really raspy breathing. Joe took him to the doctor and the verdict was croup. Joe stayed home with again today so he could get some more rest but he already sounds so much better that he did yesterday. The rest of us are working on colds, but otherwise doing good.

We are not sure what all this weekend entails. The Town of Elmore has a special thing for the children Saturday night with Santa, sleigh rides, goody bags, and refreshments, so I think we are going to try to make that. We also have our shopping to do and hopefully going to the Zoo to see the lights. Joe works this weekend so that makes making plans a little more difficult.

Hope everyone is enjoying the season!

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