Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Christmas is over and now we prepare to celebrate the beginning of a new year. I sit here amazed at how fast time is passing by me. I can not believe Joe and I turn 30 this year and that we have three beautiful blessings, Josie almost 6, Jolie age 4, and Joel 1. We are blessed beyond measure. This year has not been near as crazy as last year was, thank you God, and all in all I would say 2011 was a good year. I pray for an even better year this 2012, and that we continue to become a closer family learning about and serving God. I pray that you all have had good and happy holiday celebrations and that the new year brings you blessings and good health. We are so blessed by all of you in so many different ways and are grateful to call you our family and friends.

I think we got to see almost all of our Alabama family at some point or another which as Josie would say, "was awesome." Aunt Mona had dropped off some presents for the kids one day while we were at work and school so we made a trip to her house to visit with her and Chase. The kids were being sooo goofy that night but we had a blast and laughed so hard at our silly monkeys.

Friday when we had Christmas at the Burdicks. Angie, Becca, Quint, Sheila, Caden, Ansleigh, Joe's grandmother (Gigi), MeMaw, Paw-Paw, Josie, Jolie, Joel, and I gathered for food, presents, and fellowship. Joe had to work and got there just as everyone was leaving.

The next morning we made our cookies for Santa and cupcakes for Jesus' birthday. We let them make their own colored icing and top them with sprinkles. We had a lot of fun. That afternoon Chris, Crystal, Elias, and Annaleigh came over for our Christmas together time. We ate dinner and all 9 of us headed to church for one of my favorite Christmas traditions, the candle light service. Josie and Elias did great holding their candles as we sang Silent Night.

After church we went to visit with MeMaw and Gigi before heading home to get ready for Santa. When we got home the girls' snow angels had brought them presents. All three kids had new pjs and slippers. There was also a book "God Gave us Christmas", and a speical key for us to put out for Santa since we don't have a fireplace. The kids put on their pjs since the girls' nightgowns came with matching nightgowns for their baby dolls we had to find the perfect baby doll for each girl to put the night gown on. After that we started getting everything ready for Santa. We put out the special key, we put the reindeer's food outside so that they could refill their energy while they waited on Santa, and lastly we put out Santa's milk and cookies. Then we all snuggled as we read "God Gave us Christmas." It was a great book that taught us that Jesus is much more important than Santa and that Santa can be hard to find but God is always everywhere and God gave us the best present of all.

We always invite the grandparents to our house each Christmas so that they can see the kids open their presents. I had told everyone 6:30 a.m. so I got up at 6 to start on breakfast for everyone. The kids were up at 6:10 so they hung out in the girls' bedroom until 6:30 a.m. Other Mama, Pap-Paw, MeMaw, Paw-Paw, and Gigi were there to see them open their presents.

This is Joel's area from Santa. Santa left everything unwrapped because he knew that Joel is not into opening presents. He got a coupe car, a horse punching bag thing, an outfit, some trucks, a push lawnmower, a Veggie Tales DVD, a trutle shape sorter, a book and dog that when you read the book the dog makes sounds, and a stocking full of goodies. From Joe and I he got a shark hooded towel, camo boots, a book, a toy dog that plays music, another outfit, a pop-up tent, and some more trucks.

This is Jolie's area on the couch from Santa. Her presents are wrapped in blue. Santa brought her a princess scooter, a Mobigo (a handheld gaming system like a Leapster), some games for her Mobigo, a shirt, a Lala Loopsy doll, some nuts, an electric toothbrush, a barbie car, a new lovie, a mini walkman, and a stocking full of goodies.

This is Josie's area on the couch from Santa. Her presents are wrapped in pink. Josie and Jolie got all the same presents except Josie got a notepad instead of a lovie. Santa knows that they would fight and be upset if someone got something the other didn't. Josie's scooter is different colors of pink, purple, and blue and does not have any characters on it.

Joe and I got the girls hooded towels, two shirts (one Alabama and something else on the other one), baby dolls, books, bath sets with their favorite characters, batons, vet set that included a stuffed kitty, and I can't remember what else.

This year they also got to buy presents for Joe, their siblings, and me, and got to wrap the gifts themselves. They both did a great job buying for their siblings, Joe, and me.

After all the gifts were open and we had some breakfast we got ready for church. We had been told that the children could come in their pjs and that church would be casual so we put some leggings on the girls and loaded up for church. After church we went to Nanny's house for presents and lunch with Other Mama, Pap-Paw, Kevin, Ami, Sydney, Shelby, Aunt Pam, Uncle Mike, and Nanny. We got there about 11:15 and stayed until a little after 2. I never pulled out my camera :( Between eating and Joel getting sleepy I never had a chance. The kids got some great presents and had fun playing with Sydney and Shelby. We got to see Uncle Ben, Aunt Tiffany, and Tanner for a few minutes before we left Nannys and headed to MeMaw and Paw-Paws. Uncle Lynn, Aunt Holly, and Gigi were there so we got to visit with them for about two hours before they left to head home and we left to head home. Joel tried to take a nap at MeMaw's but I guess he could hear too much commotion and was not having it. We got home about 5 that evening and Joel slept from 5 that evening until 6 something the next morning. The girls played with their toys, and laid down to watch a movie in their room. They passed out watching the movie.

Needless to say, we had a fabulous Christmas.

Yesterday Joe worked while the kids and I tried to clean up and put up all our new toys. I got some of the Christmas decorations down, but still have a log way to go. After Joe got home and after naps we ran to K-Mart to exchange Josie's Mobigo, the touch screend didn't work. After that we we ran to Dollar Tree. Jolie had gotten Josie some slime for Christmas, and Jolie really wanted some. After that we headed home for dinner, baths with all their fun new bath stuff, and bed. They only have preschool 3 days this week, today, tomorrow, and Thursday and are off again Friday and Monday. Josie goes back to school on Tuesday, January 3rd.

We hope everyone has a happy and blessed 2012!

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