Thursday, February 2, 2012

Josie is 6 !

I'm a little behind with keeping everyone up to date, but in reality there is not all that much to share. We have all had some kind of sicknesses over the past couple of weeks and I think for the most part we are all well at the moment. Josie has a cough, but nothing major.

The one super important thing that happened was that Josie turned 6!! I can't believe it. I remember holding her as a sweet little beautiful baby girl in my arms trying to imagine the days when she would go to school, ride her bike, have conversations with me, etc. and now all of that is here. She is doing great in school, she loves learning new things, she loves art and coloring, she loves playing outside, she loves singing, in fact I don't know that there isn't much that she doesn't like. I am so proud of the person she is becoming. Although she and Jolie may fight (as all siblings do) she genuinely loves and cares for Jolie and Joel. She definitely makes you feel loved and the center of her world when she is with you, reminding you several times that she loves you, wanting to sit close to you or in your lap, and giving hugs and kisses. I am a very blessed mommy with all three of my gifts from God. Some days I honestly think I can't do it, I am not sure why God thought I deserved these three incredible human beings, but then there are days when I feel like the luckiest person on the earth. As I look into Josie's future there is so much I look forward to, and all the while wishing she could stay my little girl forever. (She has already been trying to figure out which house in our neighborhood she can buy so when she gets old enough she and Jolie can move close to us, ha ha.)

We had a family get together for Josie on Saturday the 29th. Her theme was flamingos. It was a really good night with good food and a lot of laughter.

On her actual birthday which was Tuesday, her kindergarten class was celebrating 100 days of being at school. They had special snacks and other fesitivites all day. She had to take a collection of 100 things so I/we made a poster out 100 birthday candles. It reads, "Happy 100." She also had to dress like a 100 year old woman.

That night we took her to Olive Garden for her birthday dinner. Aunt Sheila, Uncle Quint, Caden, and Ansleigh also came as we also celebrated Sheila being offered a full time job at Hyundai. God is so good. It was a good day and night. Other Mama had even brought me the chocolates I craved when I was preganant with Josie earlier in the day. I can't tell you how much that meant to me.

Tomorrow night Josie has invited three friends her age from church (and Jolie) to spend the night for a slumber party. Joe and Joel are going to stay Quint's house and Sheila is going to come over and help me with the little girls. I am looking forward to it because this is something I often did for my birthday growing up. I invited my dad to come help, but he turned me down for some reason, ha ha. I often had a lot more than 3 friends spend the night, it was usually more like 5-6 girls that spent the night and he would walk out the next morning and not be able to see the living room floor for all the girls in their sleeping bags.

Thank you so much to every one who called Josie, send cards, emailed, facebooked, and sent presents. She loves talking to you all and it meant so much that so many people thought about her on her birthday.

The other important thing that has happened is that we have welcomed another little into the world. On Friday, January 20, 2012, I picked up balloons as soon as I got of work and headed straight to the hospital to meet Chris and Crystal's new son, Christopher Lucas Collins. They are going to call him Lucas. He is super adorable, and the girls just love him.

I'll end with two pictures of Joel since he seems to be left out of this blog for the most part. One is when I took him to the doctor because he was running a 102 fever, (all the tests came back negative but about two days later we realized he had a fever virus), the second one is him looking so pitiful in his stroller not feeling well, and the third picture is of him being a big boy on the day he came to work with me because he was still running fever.

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