Monday, February 13, 2012

Mardi Gras Parade

This was a super busy weekend for us. Friday night Joe was supposed to take Josie out on a date, but he didn't feel well, so we just had a pizza and movie night in.

After we laid Joel down we taught the girls to play Uno. They loved it and did really good. Jolie won twice and Josie once.

The next morning we got all bundled up and met Quint, Sheila, Ansleigh, and Caden at Cracker Barrell for some breakfast then went to Main Street, Millbrook for the Mardi Gras Parade.

We racked up at the parade with about 3 bags of beans and tons of moonpies. The kids had a blast!

After the parade we headed to the Village Park where they had vendors and things for the kids to do. We let the kids do the pony ride and Josie & Caden did the bungee jump:

After the park we ran home for baths and to get all dolled up to go take pictures at the church for our church directory. We ended up with two really good pictures, a family one and one of the three kids.

Because we had gone to the parade I missed getting with my women's group to make goodies to sell for the Relay for Life Valentines Sale, so after pictures Josie and I headed to the store to buy stuff to make goodies. When we got home Jolie and Joel were sound asleep. Josie and I stayed up until around 9 p.m. making homemade cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered marshmellows, and princess trail mix.

Sunday Joe and Joel stayed home all day. I took the girls to church and then we helped with the Relay for Life valentine goody sale.

Around 2 we took some goody trays to the nursing home and then to Ms. Gertrude from our church. After visiting with Ms. Gertrude we ran home for dinner and then we were off to Awana.

This coming weekend will be much more low key :)

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