Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our Vacation

We are back from vacation and have so much to report. The Saturday before we left for Kentucky we had our finale for VBS. We went to Wetumpka High School where you could climb up a pole, walk across a pole, and then zipline down. Josie got suited up to go. The pegs were too far apart for her to climb up the pole but she tried. Then Alicia pulled her across the pole so she got to "fly like Tinkerbell." She loved it. I was so proud of how brave she was and how hard she tried. I also did it and screamed horribly when I did the zipline, but it was pretty awsome.

That afternoon we went to MeMaw and Paw-Paw's for dinner.

Monday morning we left around 5:00 a.m. to head to Kentucky. We had to stop every hour for Josie to potty, but she did great and had no accidents on the way up there. We got there and our cabins were not what we were expecting, but they were still beautiful. (I don't have any pictures yet, so I will post them in another blog.) The rest of the family got there a little later that afternoon. Once everyone was there we went shopping for food for the week. Tuesday some of us went to go to Mammoth Cave. As we were getting out of our vehicles they were announcing over the loud speaker for everyone to get inside because a tornado had touched down ten miles from there. They stuffed us all in this little room. The girls did surprisingly well saying we were in there 20-30 minutes. After the weather was a little better we reserved tickets for the next day and went back to our cabins. Wednesday we had a surprise birthday party for my mom, and then some of us went to the wax museum, then some of us did Mammoth Cave, and then Joe and I took the girls to Dino World. Thursday Joe and I took the girls and Cameron to another cave and did a little shopping. That afternoon after naps Joe and I took Josie to this place called Alpine Village. They had bumper cars (which we did), go carts (which Joe and Josie did), bumper boats, and this chair lift that took you up the mountain and then you slide down the mountain on this sled thing. All three of us would ride up the mountain in the chair lift then one of us would get off to slide while the other rode with Josie back down the mountain in the chair lift. She had a ball. There was also some putt-putting and swimming squeezed into the vacation. Friday after loading up the cars, brunch with everyone one last time, we headed home. My Mom and Babette and us drove in two cars but stayed close together going up there and coming home. Everytime Josie had to potty I would call Mom and tell her that we needed to take a potty break. Well at one point Josie had to potty and Josie told me I needed to call the potty because she had to go. It was so cute. We all had a blast. It was so great to spend time with my family I haven't seen in forever and I was sad to leave them. I was so impressed with Joe. Joe has only met my Grandmother and Aunts one time before (when we got married) and had never met my cousins Tom and Cameron. You would have thought he had known them all his whole life. He helped take care of my grandmother and kept her supplied with coffee and was comfortable and joking with everyone.

Friday we got home and there was water on our kitchen floor. We cleaned it up and didn't think too much about it. The next morning it was there again. Our air conditioner was/is leaking. The flooring was coming up and I didn't want it to mold so I started pulling up the pieces. So then we had to buy a new floor. We ended up getting the laminate (fake wood) floor. Last night progress was finally made and half the room is done. I can't wait to see the finished product.

Saturday morning the girls got up and played and then my Mom and Bet loaded them up and took them to PC for the week. The weekend was so crazy with the flooring issue and my brother being in the hospital to have his appendix removed that I didn't think about them being gone that much. Well until Sunday night when I cried. I had finally settled down and it hit me. Monday the girls went swimming and played on the playground. Yesterday Grammy and Emmie took them swimming and to Pump-It-Up. Today they are taking them to the Junior Museum. It is a hands on place for kids. They have imagination rooms where the kids can play. The woman mom spoke with only gave the example of a shopping room. It is set up like a grocery store and the kids get buggies and they push it around and pick stuff off the shelves and put it in their buggies. I can't wait to talk to them to see what other rooms the girls played in. I'm sure they will go swimming again this afternoon as well. They will come home Friday. We have a baby shower for Ben and Tiffany on Saturday so they will come up Friday to help with that.

We have a party for Joe's boss we have been invited to (he is getting married) and so we are trying to decide if we are going to that. The girls will have just gotten back the day before so I don't know what we'll do. Then Wednesday SOS is at my house. Then there is the 4th of July and we'll go up to the Lake with Other Mama's sie of the family. Hopefully after that life will slow down. Who knows.


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Nancy said...

wow, sounds like the KY trip was filled to the brim with fun and sights to see! I know how you miss the babies :) I always miss Jenny when she's away, and she's 29! Mommies never get tired of loving the babies :)