Friday, June 5, 2009

Paci Detox and Panama City

Pacifiers are a hot button issue these days. People of the older generations strongly believe in them and the parents of today's time are encouraged not to use them, or at least that is what the books say. Some babies make it easy and won't take one. For those of us who start out trying not to use the pacifier most of us break down and give our child one, just anything to make the crying stop. With Josie I had it easy, she sucked her fingers, not her thumb, but her fingers. Everyone told me that this was worse that the paci because you can not take fingers away. However around the time that Josie turned one, she stopped sucking her fingers. Joe and I had no hand in the process. So when Jolie came around and took to the paci I was a little worried about the day when we would have to start weaning. Jolie has learned to smile and say some words while still having the paci in her mouth. I know that this bugs some people, but in my mind my child was happy and it was not hurting anyone. At Jolie's 18 month appointment in March I asked her pediatrcian at what age should I have her weaned by. She told me 2 was a good age. I was happy with this, this meant I did not have to take it away from her yet. Well this week she started tearing it apart with her teeth. After she tore apart one and took it to Erica because it was broke (it would go flat when she tried to suck it) Erica and I made the decision it was time to stop cold turkey. Jolie has now been paci free since sometime during the day Wednesday. Wednesday night she only cried a few minutes more than normal before going to sleep. Last night, bless her heart, was a little harder on her. She cried for a good bit longer, but eventually fell aslseep and did not wake up until this morning. I must admit it is very nice seeing her smile and hearing her talk and sing so much more now. I know this is a good thing, paci free, one less thing to have to worry about finding, but at the same time it is just more proof that I don't have a baby anymore. I have a 3 1/2 year old and an almost 2 year old. Time is flying and they change more and more every day. They are both so smart and I love watching them as they change and grow. I am so blessed that God is letting me be a part of this.

Changing subjects, the girls are starting a tradition this year-- a full week at Grammy and Emmie's house in PC, Florida, parent free. Grammy and Emmie are going with us to Kentucky to vacation wtih my aunts and grandmother at Jellystone Park. When we come home that Friday, mom and Bet will take the girls with them to PC and then bring them back up the next Friday for Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Ben's baby tea. This will be the first time that Jolie has been away from me for this long and only the second time that Josie has been away from me this long. I know it is good for all of us, but still as a mom it is hard. However, I'm so excited about the possibilities that this new yearly tradition holds in store for the girls and the memories that will be made. Now Joe and I trying to decide whether to go down to PC the weekend we get back so that we can take Jolie to the beach for the first time or tell Grammy & Emmie not to take the girls to the beach. I know, I know, staying in PC for a week without going to the beach. Decisions, decisions.

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