Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer Time Fun

Summer has begun and with it comes all the planning for VBS, trips to the beach, vacations, and just some good ole play time. This planning and getting ready has me stretched a little thin this year, but I'm so looking forward to every activity.

Next week starts VBS at our church. We always do it at night so that everyone can attend. We eat dinner together and then have a class for all ages (even adults) with stories and crafts, and then we'll close with singing. The past two years I headed up VBS but this year I am just teaching. I am teaching with a great friend I have made and am so looking forward to working with the age group we have. Our theme is camping so I hope to have our room all decked out so that the children will be excited to be there. We will put up our tent, put out the sleeping bags, bag chairs, kid's picnic table, the girls' play bbq grill, Joe is going to make us a fire pit, and other things are still in the planning.

Then in the early morning of Monday, June 15th (around 2-4) we will load up and head to Kentucky for our family vacation. This vacation has been in the works for over a year now and I am so excited that it is so close. We have also taught Josie how to say Kentucky and she says it really well. I've been slowly packing stuff we will need for the past couple of months and am trying to get my house in order for my dad who will be house and dog sitting. We will be heading back home on Friday June 19th.

Then on Saturday June 27th we are having a baby tea for my sister-in-law who is due in August. I bought the plates, napkins, forks, and invitations this past weekend. Now I need to type up the invitations and get them sent out. Other plans are in the works for this as well.

In the back of my mind I've also been trying to figure out how we were going to plan three other trips we need to make, but Joe informed me last night that his boss is going to need to back surgery and if that is the case Joe will be working every single day until his boss returns, so that might mean no more trips after June for us. We shall see. Everything is in the air right now.

What opened my eyes though to everything was my sweet precious Josie. Other Mama bought her a bathing suit and gave it to her Friday. As soon as she got home she wanted to put her suit on. Then she wanted to sleep in it. She was so excited about her suit and the possibilities that came with that suit: playing outside, swimming, slip and slides, etc. Summer is meant to be a season of fun. So no matter how stressed or planned packed our summer becomes, I'm going to stop and enjoy all the opportunities that summer brings.


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