Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The List Girl

My friend Alicia gave the girls a book titled the "Philadelphia Chickens" by Sandra Boynton. It is a book of silly songs that comes with a CD. We listened to that CD for about a month straight. The girls love it. All that to say, there is a song on there that states, "I'm very very busy and I've got a lot to do and I don't have a minute to explain it all to you. For on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday there are people we must see and on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday we're as busy as can be." May favorite line is, "we've got to eat our lunches that we don't have time to chew." The entire song is sung at a very fast pace.

This song explains how I'm feeling right now. June is going to be so busy for us that I honestly can't sleep at night. The past three of four days I have not been able to go to bed until midnight, and even then when I lay down I think about all the things I've got to do and still all the things I need to plan to get done this summer. Today I have finally realized why I have let all of this catch up with me, I haven't made any lists. I am a huge list person. Going on a trip: I make a packing list; planning a party: I make a list; planning to teach at VBS: I make a list; having a baby: I make a list. And each event or activity actually usually has several lists. This is my way of controlling the event in my head. I started some of my lists for our vacation, but have not finished them (and our vacation is 20 days away). I have not done any lists for my involvement in VBS (teaching a class all week and in charge of food for one night), nor have I done any lists for Tiffany's shower. And because these things are not written not in order my mind won't rest at night. And right now, I'm too busy to make my lists. I guess for my peace of mind though I had better make time. I'm laughing as I write this blog b/c I realize how pathetic it all sounds, but that is me. I'm the list girl.

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