Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sometimes a Girl Needs to be Saved

When I was younger my dad tried to teach me about cars. I even helped some as we got my first car ready to drive, a 1984 3/4 ton pickup truck. However, that has been over 10 years ago. I know a few things about cars, but for the most part I'm completely ignorant.

Because I am the only employee I run work errands on my lunch (going to the courthouse, bank, and post office). Well today I had to go to what I call the old courthouse (the one where you get your drivers license). I pulled into the parking spot and I felt the tire hit the curb. I, for some reason, don't like my tires to touch the curb. So I put my truck in reverse and then I heard a sound. I got out and looked, you could hear the air coming out of my tire. There was a hole in the sidewall of my tire. I have no clue how to change a tire, so I called my dad. My dad dropped what he was doing and came straight there to change my tire. Some of you might not know this but my dad has had several health problems and has a bad knee, a bad back, and is living with blood clots in his legs. He is down to about 150 pounds being around 5'11". I told him I would do everything if he would tell me what to do, but he would not let me help. He did it all. I just kept thanking him. He, being my dad, then told me that I really needed to get the tires replaced because the other front tire is in really bad shape as well. I told him I knew this but that we had not had the money. He told me some options I had and promised him I would get it taken care of.

When Joe took the job in Greenville he and I discussed long and hard the fact that he would not be close by if I needed him for anything. We had decided that we thought we had enough people close by that it would be okay for him to be an hour away. Today was one of those days. I just do not know what I would have done had my dad not been here to help me and save me. Now, there was no one to save me from the humiliation and embarrassment as the wind lifted my skirt completley up (yeah everyone saw my green panties) as I came out of the courthouse.

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