Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Weekend and Two Things I Hate about Myself

This is a mixed blog. First I'm going to talk about our weekend and then two things I hate about myself.

First, our weekend. Wednesday night our house didn't seem to be cooling as it should. We didn't think too much about it, just thought it was over working itself from where we had put the thermostat up too high that morning. Thursday when me and the girls got home, the air conditioner was blowing out hot air. I opened up the windows and fed the girls and then put them straight in the tub like I usually do. Jolie cried all during dinner and then all through her bath. She is teething and is having sinus issues. I knew she was ready for bed, but it was just too hot in the house. I called Mrs. Emily to see if she could come get Jolie so that she could go to sleep at her house. Me and Josie were going to stay and wait for my cousin to show up to look at the air conditioner. In the meantime, it occured to me that the filter had not been changed in a while. So Josie and I ran to Marvins and got a new filter. That helped, but didn't fix the problem. Kevin got there later than night and in his words told us we were SOL for the night. So around 10:00 p.m. we went to the Burdicks to spend the night in a cool house. Kevin told us he would come replace the part that needed replaced when he got off work the next day. He got to the house around 7:00 p.m. on Friday night and it took 10 minutes to fix, however, he told us it would take a while to get the house cooled back down after the air not running for the past two days. So we spent another night at the Burdicks. We could not thank them enough for letting us stay nor Kevin for getting right out there to fix us up.

Saturday we took the girls to the Bass Pro Shop (free entertainment) and got them fishing poles. All they had for girls was Barbie and the back pack it came in was broke, so Josie got spiderman (her choice) and Jolie got Scooby Doo. They love those poles. Josie is learning to cast but they had a blast with them all weekend. After the Pro Shop we went bowling. It was raining off and on and we really wanted to get the girls out of the house This was the first time they had been bowling. They loved it. It was so cute watching them. Josie was so excited about her ball and did not want to take off the shoes. Lol bowled in socks because they don't make bowling shoes that small.

Sunday, well, see the reference below.

Changing subjects:

In all honestly there are several things I hate about myself, some within my power and some not. However, I'm just writing about two today.

First, I hate my migraines. They completely knock me out. Yesterday should have been a nice day spent with my family, but instead I spent it in a lot of pain, then sleeping, then throwing up. I know, I know, I need to go see a neurologist, but it is very hard for me to get off work as I am the only employee. I know I need to make my health a priority, but it is just hard. So I guess I really can not complain since I have done nothing to improve the situation.

Second, I hate that I am such a people pleaser. For some reason I feel like I have to go out of my way to make people like me, accept me, or want to include me in their lives. I am constantly doing stuff I would rather not do just to prove to someone that I care about them. Why do I care so much? The hilarious thing is that the people I try the hardest for act like they could care less or barely recongnize what I have done for them. Joe on the other hard goes through life being himself and not caring if he has kept everyone up to date, or tried to reach out to this person, he is just living his life. I would so love to be more like him, but for some reason I just can't. I am constantly saying I won't let this person hurt my feelings anymore, and yet I try again with something else for them just to get hurt again. Don't get me wrong I don't mind helping people out and I love being involved with everyone. I am a huge people person and I love to be around people, so it is not that I don't like people. It is that I hate myself for trying the hardest for people who don't seem to care. That time could be spent on people that are appreciative of how much I love them and how what I do for them.

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Nancy said...

I used to be a huge people pleaser, Jess, and still am to some point. But I think to what Dr. Seuss said, "Say what you think. The ones that matter won't mind and the ones that mind won't matter."
My daughter, Jenny, has migraines and I hurt for her and wish there was something mommies could do to make them go away. I'm sorry you have to suffer with them as well. And you can begin by saying 'no' to little requests ~ it gets easier :) really, it does.