Monday, August 17, 2009

Another full Weekend

Well we had another packed weekend. My mom and Bet came up Thursday to see the newest family member, Tanner. After eating dinner with us they headed over to my brother's house to hold and meet the newest grandchild. Friday Joe was off so that he could go with me to a doctor's appointment and then he picked up the girls for some quality time with Grammy and Emmie. I got off a little after 2:00 p.m. and went straight home. We put fresh water in the kiddie pools and let the girls have at it. They are just so much fun to watch, they always have a blast. That evening we we all went over to Ben and Tiffany's to visit. Saturday my dad came over and helped Joe get our new countertop in. I absolutely love it. It looks so good. Now all I have to do is paint the cabinets. The house is slowly coming together. The girls played outside in the pools again and we cooked out later than evening. Sunday me and Josie went to Ben and Tiffany's church. Tanner was dedicated yesterday. I aboslutely love baptisms and dedication services. I always cry. It is such a special thing and it has such a profound meaning. Not only are you dedicating your child to Christ and to Christ's service, but you are openly allowing your "village" to help you raise your child. I get goose bumps just thinking about it. Tanner did great and looked very handsome. I'm still just in shock at how our family is growing. On our way home from the service we saw that a person that had been riding a motorcycle had gone off the road and was lying in the grass. I pulled off to help. Of all the people that passed us only me and another girl stopped. Ben stopped when he passed, just in time to help the guy get the motorcycle back on the road. I'm sure it was quite a site. Me and this other girl in our church clothes helping this guy with the motorcycle. All that to say, when we got to Me Maw's to eat lunch and pick up Jolie, Josie told Me Maw the entire story. It was so sweet and the way she kept saying "and my mommy helped him." It was like I was her hero or something. It was so sweet. It was also a great teachable moment. My daughter learned from me yesterday that God calls us all to help other people whether you are qualified to do so or not. After lunch I took the girls home and put them down for naps. I actually got some cleaning and laundry done while they slept instead of napping too. I was impressed with myself. When they woke up it was raining outside so we put their rain slickers on them and went outside to play in the rain. They had a blast and thought it was so funny. Our ditch filled up fast with water so we put them in the push car and pushed from down through the ditch so that the water would splash over them. They both just thought it was so hilarious. They also thought it was funny to watch me jumping in the mud puddles with them. I love that every experience for them has the potential to be so much fun, even if it is just playing in the rain. I really hope that they will able to look back on their childhoods as fun times where mom and dad played with them and always tried to make the best out of each situation.

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