Monday, September 14, 2009

Our Weekend and Birthdays

Another week has passed, and here I am reporting on our weekend. Josie has turned into quite the little shopper. Friday evening after Lol was asleep Josie and I headed to Montgomery for a consignment sale. She was ready to go with her "Hello Kitty" purse filled with toys. She was equally excited because she got to wear jeans like mommy. Everyone commented on how cute and grown up she looked walking around looking at all the clothes and other stuff for sale with her little purse on her shoulder. I was able to find a couple of winter items along with a bike with training wheels for Josie for $5.00. She would have rode that thing out of there if she could have.

Saturday Joe got some much needed Joe time and went fishing with his buddy Tim. Mary Kelley (Tim's wife) and I decided to take our kids to the zoo. Everyone had a blast and I think our favorite exhibit was the potty. Well at least that is where we spent most of our time. But hey, we have young kids, what can we say. Josie was cute enough to tell me that her favorite animal was the zebra. We wore out the kids and ourselves.

We left around 10:00 a.m. and got home a little before 4:00 p.m. Me and the girls took naps when we got home and woke up around 6:00 something. I think that was the deepest sleep I've had in a while. We had promised Josie that she would get to ride her bike the night before so around 8:30 Saturday night she was trying to learn riding on a real bike as I pushed Jolie in the little red car. Sunday we got up and went to church. Me and the girls went home for naps while Joe stayed for his session meeting. After waking up we headed to Montgomery to look for Jolie's birthday present. We finally found what we were looking for after stopping at many places.

All in all it was a great weekend.

Also this week we have three important birthdays. Maw's (Marcia's mother) birthday was the 12th. She took Ben and I like we were her own grandchildren and loved us and taught us things that I hold very dear to me. With her pretty much everything went and she always had money for us to go across the street to buy some candy. She was very care-free, but a very good Christian woman. This Thursday is Other Mama's (Marcia) birthday. I would not be the person I am today had it not been for her. She also loved us and raised Ben and I as her own and continues to do the same with my girls. She is in every sense of the word a mother to me. I love her so much as do my girls and I could imagine our lives without her. And of course, we have sweet Lollie girl's birthday on the 19th. We are so blessed to have such beautiful women in our lives.

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