Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Report

Jolie had her 2 year check up on Friday. She is doing excellent. However, I was right and they are referring us to an ENT because her tonsils (like Josie's) are quite large. So I foresee another surgery in our near future. Thank goodness she doesn't have the ear problems that Josie has had.

Friday night I had a Mary Kay party and we had an absolute blast. Josie and Catie (her friend) even got to partake in the fun. It was a spa party and so everyone had their own tub to soak their feet in. Josie and Catie thought they were big stuff. It was so cute watching them.

Saturday we had a family get together at Aunt Elisa's house. The girls wore themselves out and the food was sooo good. We left around 2:00 and headed home for naps. Later that evening Mary Kelley, Tim, Catie, and Jesse came over. We cooked out and watched sports. Tim even played the guitar for us. I wish all of you could have seen Jolie Hannah dancing. She had us all cracking up laughing. She was really getting in to it and was signing along (well not along, but she was singing).

Sunday morning was busy. We all got up early because Joe had Men's Breakfast at church and at that time we had planned to go to his grandmother's after church so we wanted to only take one car to church. The girls and I dropped him off at chruch at 8:30 a.m. and went to Wal-Mart to get some things that Erica needed, and we got back just in time for early morning singing at 9:15 a.m. where Jolie Hannah again amused the crowd with her dancing. She really gets in to it with her head and body. This was the first Sunday that Joe and Tim taught Sunday School. They had three little girls: Josie, Catie, and Ava. Josie came out knowing that they had talked about Joseph and had pictures that she had colored as proof, so all went well. We ended up not going to Grandma Green's because the family was not going to be in until later in the day so we went home and took naps. When we got up we watched a movie and then went outside for play time. A couple weeks ago I bought Josie a bike with training wheels that I found for five dollars, but she won't let us teach her how to ride it. I guess we need to get someone else to teach her. She won't listen to us not to put the brakes on and gets upset with us when we try to show her how. I know there are some things in life that it is better to have someone else teach you, and I guess this is going to be one of those things. So I guess now we just need to recruit someone. After playing for a while we decided to take Browning (our dog) for a walk. The Town of Elmore is just a great place to walk because there is hardly any traffic and tons of places to go. We ended up walking down a road that goes over the railroad tracks (which Josie thought was so cool). Well when we came back over we could see a train coming way down the tracks. So we waited around so that the girls could watch it pass by us. Well Josie got so excited and was running beside the train. Her face just lit up. Again, if I could freeze frame certain moments.

Joe is woking in Prattville today and tomorrow for the big golf tournament. Then this Saturday I am volunteering for a triathlon type thing here in Wetumpka. I am really excited to be a part of this. Our SOS group will be manning the mental challenge stations at Corn Creek Park.

We have a lot of family members that need prayers right now, so please keep all of our family in your prayers.

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Robert said...

Triathlon in Wetumpka?!?

I'll have to keep my eyes open for that next year. Nothing like a good local race :)

Have a link at all?

Good luck w/ Lol and the tonsils... :(