Monday, March 29, 2010

Catching Up Again

Here I am playing catch up again. The weekend of the 19-21 not too much happened. Friday after work I took the girls to see my grandmother and dad. While there I got a call from Erica saying that she had forgotten to tell me that she had been working with the girls about 911, firefighters, and policemen, and basically told me to watch them around the phone to make sure that they did not call 911. And then she said that Josie was so cute when they were talking about it because she told Erica that that was what we needed the night our cat had the kittens. I thought that was sooo sweet. Speaking of the kittens they are growing like weeds. They are learning to walk and Claire is having a hard time keeping them contained. I find it funny that I am not the only stressed out mother in the house.

Joe worked almost the entire weekend and so the girls and I just played outside and went to church. That Saturday night we did visit with MeMaw and Paw-Paw. Saturday Joe did bring home a playhouse that someone had given us. It needs some work, but the girls are really excited about it. This weekend we did do some painting on the inside and I hung up an old baby swing so that the girls could swing their "babies."

March 22nd I had a doctors appointment. I got to hear baby Js heartbeat and I was able to record it on my phone for Joe since he couldn't make the appointment. Everything is looking good so far. This Thursday I will be 12 weeks. It is flying by and we still have not done anything besides getting the van to get ready.

We had Chris, Crystal, Elias & Annaleigh over for dinner one night and Quint, Sheila, Caden, and Ansleigh over another night. Friday night we took the girls to the circus. We went with Chris, Crystal, Elias & Annaleigh. We went to the preshow and that was the best part. We were inches away from an elephant and not a caged one. The girls loved it. Saturday Joe and Josie went fishing with Chris and Elias on Chris' boat. She caught 3 fish and had a blast. Lol and I played with Crystal and Annaleigh and then went and visited with Other Mama. Yesterday was Palm Sunday and so both the girls walked in with the plam branches. They both did a great job. Josie took it so serious, she actually waved her branch and didn't just hold it. She was so cute. Lol did great too. After naps we played outside and worked on the yard a little.

My next doctor's appointment is April 20th. I still have no energy and this weekend I threw up twice to either the sight or smell of something. After the second time Joe looked at me and said yep you are definitely pregnant. I guess the other proof I had provided to him (ultrasound pictures, heatbeat, and growing belly) were not enough. He has been so great though dealing with my moodyness and helping out more when I don't feel 100%.

The girls are loving the warmer weather on the days when it is warmer. They would much rather be outside than inside. It was so sweet watching them play with their dolls yesterday and reminded me of me when I was little playing with my dolls in my playhouse. Josie continues to soak everything up and grows smater every day. Lol is doing better with her colors and is starting to recongnize some letters. They both still love to sing, dance, and read. A lot of mornings or nights we are privilege to our own little concert with Jolie rocking out on her little guitar to "This Little Light of Mine." The way she says shine is so cute. Jolie is hilarious and definitely will be the class clown. She loves making people laugh. I'm curious as to what kind of personality this third little one will have. I guess we will find out soon enough.

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