Thursday, March 18, 2010

Catching up

We have had a lot going on and I have just been way too exhuasted to update. But I am finally making myself.

First things first, our cat had four kittens last week. I'm trying to remember the exact day and it was either Tuesday or Wednesday. There are two dirty white ones, a reddish brown one, and a dark gray one. The girls love them and Claire (our cat) has done so well. She lets the girls look at them and pet them without get aggressive or defensive. However after having them in a box in the bathroom for a couple days she did move them to behind our dresser. Everyone tells us that this is completely normal. Joe seems to think that one of them has their eyes open, but we haven't really seen them since she moved them. We hear them crying when she leaves to get food or go potty, but we have left them alone so that Claire feels better about the whole situation. We might keep one, we really haven't talked about it so if anyone wants a free kitten, please let me know. Claire is a great cat. She is awesome with the girls and has never gotten aggressive with the girls no matter what they may do to her. A lot of times she sleeps in the hall where she can see all three bedroom doors. We know nothing about the proud papa.

We finally got the van on Tuesday. You know what, that was the same night/morning that Claire had her kittens. So some were born Tuesday night and some Wednesday morning. Anyway, back to the van. It has been awesome. The girls love it. It has two bucket seats up front, a row for two adults or three children (without car seats) and then a row for three adults or three-four children (without car seats). So we put the girls in their car seats on the last row so that way little bit can be on the second row right behind the driver. The girls are getting adjusted to Mommy not being able to reach to hand them things anymore because they are two rows back, but other than that they love it.

Friday night I helped Mary Kelley decorate for Jesse's birthday. We worked from 6:00p.m. to 9:30 p.m. It was Mickey Mouse theme so we hung a parachute from the ceiling to make it look like Mickey's clubhouse. We had balloons every where and had the fellowship hall looking pretty darn cute. Saturday we got up and go get presents for the two birthday parties we were attending that day. Jesse's from 11-1 and Elias' from 2-4. Elias had a deer birthday party. It was also decorated pretty darn cute. The girls had a blast at both parties. Here are some pictures from Elias' party:

Elias opening our gift:

Josie & Elias looking at the birthday cake:

Josie, Nana, & Elias with the cake:

Lol & Annaleigh playing:

Josie, Elias, and me watching Joe blow up balloons to do balloon animals. (He actually did pretty good. I was very impressed with him):

The kids playing:

Joe and Annaleigh:

After the party we stayed and helped clean up and get the fellowship hall back together. Well actually Joe did most of the helping, I did do a little. But as we were cleaning up Nana called us all outside to see this:

It was beautiful. And what was sweeter was Josie said, "He got a rainbow for his birthday." Like God had placed it right there in the sky for Elias. After doing two parties back to back with no naps we headed straight home. The girls and I were asleep by 7:00 p.m. There could not have been a better day to daylight savings on because they never knew the difference. Sunday we went to church. Joe had session after church and Other Mama took Josie shopping for the baby. So Lol and I went home and took naps. I love Sunday afternoon naps. Everyone got home about the same time as Josie showed us what she had helped pick out. She even took one of the bibs and put it on my stomach to make sure it would fit. That night we actually got some cleaning done.

I have been asked to lead Vacation Bible School again. It is kind of a tradition to lead it while pregnant so I glady said yes. I have asked Mary Kelley to help me and we already have the material picked out. It is called "Backstage with the Bible." It is has a concert/hollywood/red carpet theme. It is going to be so much fun and we are super excited about. We brainstormed while decorating for Jesse's birthday party.

I am 10 weeks today. It is so hard to belive that I am 1/4 of the way and that I'm almost out of the first trimester. I did get sick last week but I really think it was because I had not eaten enough. I also tried to get sick Sunday during church but I scrounged around and found some crackers to eat. Compared to my pregnancies with the girls this has been heaven. It just feels too good to be true. I just know I'm going to start throwing up non stop like I did with them at any time, but so far I haven't. Everyone keeps trying to convince me it is definitely a boy because of this. We shall see. I have a doctors appointment Monday. I will get to hear Baby Js little heart beat. Some days I'm still in shock that Joe and I are going to be parents of three and then others I remind myself that this is actually what we had always wanted. We had just convinced ourself otherwise because of finances. Niether one of us ever had the desire to be parents of four so we will definitely put an end to this no matter what the sex of this baby is :)

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