Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Easter

I have spoken a couple times about Josie's ears here lately. She had an appointment with her ENT yesterday and he said her tubes are not falling out. Joe is the one that took her to the appointment and I asked him, is he sure? I then asked why her ear had been bleeding. He said she had a sore in her ear that she must have picked at. Dr. Rand said everything looked great and that we wanted the tubes to stay in there as long as possible. Well I think we are doing good on that because they have now been in there for almost a year and three months.

Joe worked on the girls' playhouse before he took Josie to the doctor. He got the inside painted and a shelf put up. When I got home we moved their kitchen set out there and some of their plates and utensils. Our neighbor gave them a little bench to put in there so now their house is quite homey.

We have also been trying to figure out where we were going to put everyone when the baby got here. We tried for several weeks to get the girls to sleep together in the queen sized bed that is now in Lol's room. Well it has never worked. Each night we heard "She touched me," "She pulled my hair," "She isn't laying right," etc. So we came to the conclusion that that was not going to work and that we were going to have to get another twin bed and put them in Josie's room. Well it just so happens that Aunt Sheila & Uncle Quint had a twin bed we could have for Lol. Uncle Quint brought it over last night. So now we have to get a mattress for it. Anyone out there have a twin mattress and needs a queen, I'll trade you. We will be getting rid of the queen bed and will be setting up Lol's room as the nursery for Baby J.

Speaking of Baby J, we have decided to change the girl name. If this baby is a girl we are going to name her Josalyn. We do not have a middle name yet. We are working on it.

The rest of this week with the exception of tonight is going to be busy for us. Thursday night we have Maundy Thursday service at church, Friday night we have pictures of the girls as a donation to Relay for Life (we purchased a $10.00 package and the money goes to Relay for Life) and then we have our Good Friday service, Joe works the weekend but the girls and I will go to the Easter Egg Hunt at church and then that night we will have Easter dinner and egg dying with some good friends, and then Sunday is Easter. I'm actually thinking of getting the girls up early enough to attend the sunrise service, but I don't know if that will happen or not. I guess we could all get up with Joe when he leaves to go to work. And at some point the Easter Bunny has to go shopping for the girls' baskets. The Easter Bunny hasn't done that yet. Bad bunny.

Well I hope everyone has a good rest of the week and hopefully you are all remembering why this is such a special time. Jesus loves you so much that he died for you. How awesome is that. Jesus knows me this I love !!!

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