Monday, April 18, 2011

Crazy Weather

I am not sure that the old adages concerning the weather apply anymore. March-Come in like a lion and out like a lamb. April-April's showers bring May flowers. I'm not sure if it is global warming or what, but the weather has beeb crazy this year. Hot then cold, rough storms, we even had some snow here in Alabama during the winter. This past Friday we had some horrible storms that swept through Alabama. A tornado hit the golf course where Joe works. This was his weekend off and his boss was generous enough to tell him he didn't have to come in, but now he and are trying to decide if he should spend the week in Greenville to help clean up.

For those of you who have ever been to Cambrian Ridge, it is beautiful as are all the RTJ sites, and it is difficult to look at these pictures. This could not have come at a more horrible time, we have something planned every day this week by Tuesday (Monday: Caden's game; Wednesday: Church at Mt. Hebron; Thursday: Maudny Thursday service at our church; Friday: Good Friday service at our church, Joel's Dr. app; Saturday: Easter with the Burdicks and Caden's game; and Sunday: Easter and Easter with the Andersons). That is a lot to do with three kids by myself, but if they don't get the golf course cleaned up that is a lot of revenue lost, and no revenue means hits to the employees. RTJ has already been a raise freeze and retirement contributing freeze for 3 years now.

Now on to happier things. We got the cap and gown pictures that the school took of Josie. Well, maybe that isn't a happy thing. Well, okay, bittersweet.

Friday the girls had a field trip to Disney on Ice. I knew ahead enough that I was actually able to take off and go with them. Caden and Sheila got to go with us also. This was the girls' first field trip and I felt so lucky to be able to go. The show was amazing. I loved it. Josie and Caden sat transfixed the entire time. Jolie, well it took her awhile to be ok with the dark and loud noises. She alternated between Sheila's and my lap.

During the show is when we got the news of bad weather heading our way. Thank goodness it held off until the evening when we were safe at home. Joel was supposed to have his 6 month appointment Friday, but the pediatrician's office closed early because of the weather. His appointment will now be this Friday. (He will be seven months old this Thursday.) Needless to say we spent a quiet evening at home watching the weather station.

Friday morning we had planned to go to Riverfest but for some reason we just never got motiviated to go. It worked out perfectly though because we got to keep our niece, Ansleigh. Sheila had to leave for Birmingham to take care of something and Quint had to work, so we picked her up from Sheila around 11:30 Saturday morning and she spent the night with us and went to church with us the next morning. Friday afternoon the Town of Elmore (where we live) had an Easter Egg Hunt. We got there at 4:02 p.m. and the kids got to hunt easter eggs. After hunting, the town had goody bags, sunglasses, cookies and capri suns for the kids.

The next morning Joe had to leave at 6:30 to help get the church setup for the church picnic. He got home just in time to help me finish getting all 4 kids ready for church and out the door. Sunday was Palm Sunday so the kids go to walk in with the Palm Branches. They all did a great job and were so cute!!

Sunday afternoon we played outside with some friends and went to bed early. We were worn out from the weekend.

Again we have a lot going on this week and are excited about the Easter Bunny coming this weekend. Happy Easter everyone!!

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