Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Still Doing Good

All is still good in the Burdick household. We are still having allergy problems, but nothing horrible. We had another good quiet weekend. Friday evening we hung at home and watched a movie. Saturday Joe had to do some yardwork at church so the kids and I hung out at the house until he got home. He was gone from about 8:45 a.m. until about 1:00 p.m. I did manage to do some dishes, get the kitchen floor swept and mopped, and put out some Easter decorations while he was gone. It is always a huge accomplishment when I can get any housework done when it is just me and the kids. After Joe got home we loaded up and headed to Wetumpka to walk the "River Walk." River Walk is a sidewalk the City has built that runs beside the river. It was a beautiful afternoon and the walk was great. We fed some ducks and even saw a groundhog. We interrupted our walk for dinner and icecream at DQ and made the trek back to the van in downtown. We then decided to head over to see Pap-Paw and Other Mama. Sunday we went to church and afterwards Josie went home with Other Mama while we spent some quality time with Jolie and Joel. We had to pick up some things from Target like Joel an Easter basket and then we went to Bass Pro Shop. We told her she could pick out candy and she was so sweet because when she picked up her bag of cotton candy she picked up two so Josie could have a bag. That evening after Josie got home we went for another walk. Last night we went to Caden's first real game of the season. He is doing a great job and we are so proud of him. The girls keep up with him the whole game and are now asking when they can play. Although Josie goes back and forth between playing ball and being a cheerleader. It broke my heart to tell her she couldn't play until we could manage Joe's schedule a little better. There is no way I could get them to all their practices and games by myself. Plus a lot of these teams have practices at 4:30 or 5:00. What do working parents do???

Tomorrow night the girls have Awana and Joe is taking Josie to register for kindergarten. It is probably for the best that Joe is the one taking her because I am not sure that I could handle it emotionally. At least I have 2 more years before Jolie starts and another 5 before Joel starts, but I know these years will probably fly by even faster than these past five years.

Caden has two more games this week on Friday and one Saturday that we will try to make. Joe works this weekend so we will have to see how everyone's moods are before we head out for the Saturday morning game. Next Friday (the 15th) the girls have their first real field trip and I am getting to go with them. We are going to Disney on Ice. We got ring side seats. I think I am probably as excited as I am. Also on the 15th Joel has his 6 month appointment. I can't believe my sweet angel is already 6 months old. Last night I was rocking him to sleep and I looked at Joe and said I can't believe I gave birth to something so calm and peaceful. I'm a little high strung and worry about things and can get quite emotional, and the girls are the same way. So to look at him just laying there on me snuggling with me, it is so refreshing. I don't remember the girls still doing that at six months old. They were wiggling wanting to move. Joel still lays there or sits there and is relatively still in your lap. He loves to be rocked to sleep and as long as he will let me, I'm going to do it. I don't care what the books or doctors say. He is my baby and I know this won't last long.

I'll end with some pictures.

We finally have a picture of Joel's teeth. Granted you have to take our word that it is our son because you can't see his face, but that was the only way we could get a picture of his teeth:

Joel and Pap-Paw:


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