Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Last week was a busy one. Thank goodness this one won't be quite as bad. Monday the kids and I went to Caden's game, and it was 8:00 p.m. before Joe got home from work. Tuesday Joe decided to just spend the night in Greenville intstead of coming home. That was also the day I ended up taking Jolie to the doctor. She had been having a lot of accidents at school, and I started to think that something may be wrong. So I dropped off Josie and Joel with Quint and Sheila and I took Jolie to Pri-Med. Turns out she had a bladder infection. Here she is being silly waiting to see the doctor:

Wednesday Joe came home because we had a special service at Quint and Sheila's church we had planned to go to. It was a Seder Plate Service. It was really neat, and I was so thankful that he came home to go with me. The kids stayed with MeMaw and Paw-Paw so that we could fully enjoy the meaning of the service. Thursday Joe again spent the night in Greenville and I ended up with a migraine. I had us all in bed by a little after 7:00 p.m. and we all got a little over 11 hours of sleep that night. Usually it is hard for me to sleep when Joe isn't there, but my migraines about knock me out and I felt so much better in the morning. We missed our Maundy Thursday service at our church, but there would have been no way that I could do that with all three kids and a migraine. Friday Joel had his 6 month appointment even though he turned 7 months last Thursday. He weighed 21, almost 22 pounds; he is 28 inches long; and had a double ear infection. He goes back in 2 weeks for a recheck of his ears. Here he is waiting to see the doctor:

I ended up staying in town to pick up his prescription and Joe and the girls met us at church for our Good Friday service. After church we ate dinner and went and put the kids to bed. After that I headed to Sheila's house so that she and I could shop for the Easter dinner we were doing for the family on Saturday. We also made up as much of the food as we could so that we could spend our time with the family instead of cooking all day. I got to her house around 9:00 p.m. and I left her house to go home around 1:30 a.m. Caden had a game the next morning at 9:00 and the kids were up bright and early at 6:00 a.m. Becca and Angie came up for the day and were there to see Caden's game. He hit the ball off the machine for the first time. He had a whole section of bleachers screaming wildly for him. We were so proud. After the game we went back to Quint and Sheila's house and played for a little while. Then we went to lunch and went to see the Easter Bunny at Bass Pro Shop. We got there at exatly the right time for the kids to do the Easter egg hunt before taking pictures with the Easter Bunny.

After Bass Pro Shop we went back to Quint and Sheila's house to dye Easter eggs and "quiet time." Quint took the kids outside while Angie, Becca, Joe, Sheila and I got the "stations" set up for the kids to dye the Easter eggs. Of course, being good parents, aunts, and uncles we had to test things out to make sure that the dyes really worked. The kids kept sticking their heads in asking if it was time to dye eggs and we kept telling them not quite. Finally, we gave in and let them come in and dye eggs. Josie, Caden, and Jolie each got to dye 21 eggs. They did a great job and no one made a mess. They made some pretty eggs. After all the eggs were dry, the kids had to lay down for quiet time while Angie, Quint, Becca, and Joe hid the eggs outside. Sheila and I made deviled eggs and finished up the bananna pudding. After quiet time the kids went outside and hunted eggs and blew 3D bubbles that I got them. I think, once again, us adults had more fun with the 3D glasses than the kids did. After that it was time to eat. Our spread: Paula Deen Ham, Paula Deen's recipe for broccoli casserole, grean been casserole, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatos, squash and zucchini, deviled eggs, cranberry sauce, rolls, bananna pudding, and apple cobbler. Everything was homemade except the ham, rolls & cranberry sauce. We visited for a little while after eating, helped Sheila clean up and wash dishes and we all headed home. This is the only picture I took of the afternoon. As soon as Sheila or Becca send me theirs I'll post them.

Sunday morning the girls got up to see what the Easter Bunny had brought them. This was the first Easter morning Joe had gotten to spend with us in a long time so it was really special to me. The gils were so excited about everything and I love watching them. We got ready for church and headed to town. We put our flowers into the cross as a family, and enjoyed a beautiful service.

After church we went to Other Mamas and Pap-Paws for the day. We had a ymmy lunch and spent the day playing.

The girls were nasty by that evening after playing so hard outside and in the creek. We bathed them before we left Other Mama and Pap-Paws, took Nanny home, and went home to clean.

The beginnig of this week is busy, but after Wednesday we have no plans. Tonight some great high school friends are coming to visit. I can't wait to spend time with them. It has been awhile since we have all been together. Tomorrow night we have Josie's kindergarten orientation. The kids will go stay with Quint and Sheila while Joe and I go. Wednesday the girls have Awana.

This was the best Easter I have had in a really long time. We spent the entire weekend with family and it really meant a lot to me. It just makes me appreciate all the more the sacrifices that Jesus made for me.

I want to thank all of you who got the kids Easter Baskets/goodies or sent cards or called. They loved it!!! You know who you are, and we can't thank you enough. It really makes them feel so special.

Jesus knows me, this I love!!!!!!!

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